FAll In Love With Prague

Ive not been much of a traveller but as im getting older and considering a bucket list one of the places id love to visit is Prague, but out of my comfort zone i need all the information regarding travel, places to see eat etc to hand to save having a panic attack.

Holiday company brochures are useful but also fill me with dread at the same time so its a refreshing change to read “real peoples” holiday hints and tips.

This is where Travellove come to the fore, formed by  sistersLada Kičmerová and Katka Mikulková who are both from the wonderful city of Prague. with a passion for travelling and writing they have compiled a list of top tips to make booking that longed for trip as relaxing as possible.

1. Read as much as you can about your chosen destination
Start with learning. Read guidebooks, online blogs, watch documentaries and absorb as much knowledge as you can about the place you’re going to visit. Put the stories you hear and the facts you’re told into context.

2. Search for off-the-beaten-path things to see and do
Hopefully you’re good at googling, because that’s one of the best ways to search for authentic places to see and things to do where you won’t bump into tourists on every corner.

3. Ask everybody: friends, friends of friends, online forums…
People who have travelled to the place you want to visit will already have some insight, but if you can reach somebody who lives there long-term, even better. Ask for unique things to do, practicalities, and what to avoid.

4. Read a few books and watch some movies
Now this is perhaps the most fun part unless you’re travelling to a location that’s only covered by uber-artsy movies. Getting into the culture and reading/watching stories, albeit fiction ones, will help you relate to locals more easily.

5. Buy maps and study them
Believe us, it’s too late to have a look at a map only once you’re on the spot. You’d lose precious moments that you could dedicate to immersing yourself in the environment. Make sure you know the layout of the city or an area and generally know hot to navigate it.

6. Find accommodation
Use more than one booking site and look at reviews. Do you fancy a hotel or something more authentic? Perhaps there’s a nice inn or a traditional house you could stay at? If your budget is tight, you can solve it by trying Couchsurfing – a friendly local will offer you his/her couch for free. An apartment rented through Airbnb might be a nice alternative as well.

7. Search for locals on the spot
Some Couchsurfers are used to taking their new international friends around and showing their city to them. You can also hire locals for guided tours or other activities. We often use some of the websites listed below. Just be careful – the guides can be of varying quality. Some of the big portals are Viator, Vayable, EatWith etc. We prefer smaller portals that are oriented on specific countries and offer true locals experiences such as trip4real, Localers, Bonappeteur, Guidilo etc.Getting in touch with a local person who might be willing to help with the planning is another option. There are portals specialising in this such as Likealocalguide or Plansify. You can also try a short volunteering activity to reach out to the locals in a very memorable way. Check out e.g. Grassrootsvolunteering for that.

8. Solve transport
Of course you could get around by a taxi. But is this what you really want? If locals use tuk tuks, you’d be a fool not to try them out. Research what options there are.

9. Double-check everything
Use review sites like TripAdvisor to check the credibility of a place you want to stay at, of a local you want to meet, of a service you want to try… you don’t want a lousy hotel room ruin your impression of the city you’re eager to visit.

10. Use planning tools…
… otherwise you’ll spend too much time putting a good itinerary together. Examples are Tripomatic or TripIt.

Once there, ask at your hotel’s front desk for recommendations (even though they might recommend rather touristy things). Go visit a local tourist info center, where they might give you further assistance. If you’re not too shy, just stop people on the street and ask them. 

If you want to save time with all this check out trips designed by locals at MyTravelove. You just pick what you want to experience and the final suggested itinerary will be delivered to you on a silver plate and all the searching, booking and organizing will be taken care of.  Before your trip you will receive a custom guidebook made just for you, you could call it your very own, personal Lonely Planet.

Now a lot of this seems like common sense but if your like me and not been abroad much knowing where to start when booking a holiday is a daunting task so i for one will be using travel love when i get around to booking a well earned break in 2016. Prague here i come–


Vision Direct

If like me you get misty eyed when you see doggy adverts on tv over the festive period then have a look at this years campaign from Vision Direct. Vision Direct worked with Bespoke Film and Communications to bring us the story of Gizmo the glasses wearing pug and his best hooman friend.

Incase you havent seen the original advert yet maybe you need to visit Vision Direct too, its been on our screens since December 1st but just in case you missed it here it is- tissues at the ready. But read to the end to see the very funny behind the scenes video of one dog and his Bitches, sorry entourage.


Vision Direct are Europes leading supplier of contact lenses  since being founded in 1998 renowned for quality lenses at affordable prices delivered direct to your door, offering leading brands such as Acuvue, Focus Dailies and Biofinity to name a few.All delivered the next day if ordered by 5.30pm. They also have their own in house optician alongside an award winning customer service team available to answer any queries you  may have.

And if you thought the ad was sad it really does have a happy ending and here hopefully is the funny behind the scenes video which im privelleged to share with you all.

If  your in need of Contact Lenses check out visiondirect.co.uk

Brought to you from the lovely people at vision direct and Gizmo the pug, Merry Xmas








Advent type competition

Starting 1st November for 12 days im having an advent type competion on a page i write for Gransnet.com as a local editor, i have managed to get some fab prizes from some really nice people check some out below.


rug courtesy of Rugcouture

Personalised Hello Kitty Clock

personalised hello kitty clock from vivabop

cds, vintage

selection of vintage music on cd from past perfect

rufus and ted

fantastic for little ones is this Rufus & Ted rocking horse from little bird told me

vanroe compact

not one but 3 gorgeous compacts from Vanroe

pic stop headphones

sony headphones courtesy of me

rocking duck

a rocking duck from Hibba toys

tablet cases

selection of ipad and kindle cases from lente designs


address stamps from Stamptastic


xmas recipe tea towel from Rock Bakehouse.

for more information on any of these prize check out the website below but first check out the competiton post on facebook #https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gransnet-Durham/152610418223807?sk=app_228910107186452

All the above prizes have been donated by the companies listed below










I was sent a box of craft goodies from Bostick the glue people to make something for halloween. The box contained more than i expected with an assortment of card felts pipe cleaners and glue dots and glue sticks.

With everything out on the table my partne claire and our nieces iliyda 9 and senna 3 set to. We arent the most artistic family but we did have fun making our bits first up was senna and i we chose the little jute bag to store sweeties in  

 the only negative we had is the glue stick wasnt strong enought to hold the felt in place.

Then next claire and iliyda made a table centrepiece  

 This held together much better , we had so much fun making these we cant wait till the next box arrives thank you Bostick Bostick halloween


Invisalign Braces, The Clear Alternative

Having a good routine when it comes to your oral hygiene is something that was always installed in me as a child and we have passed this on to Oscar. Since he got his first tooth at six months old we have had regular check ups at our dentist every six months. It is important to me that Oscar and Archie have nice teeth as everyone always looks at your smile. Sometimes however hard you look after your little ones teeth when their adult teeth come through your child might need braces. As a teenager or even having braces as an adult can sometimes make you feel concious, some even opting out of Orthodontic treatment so they don’t have to wear braces at all. Now Sensu London have an answer to this problem, they can now fit Invisalign braces instead of the conventional wire and metal braces. Invisalign is a modern orthodontic system that uses clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. They are simply an amazing invisible brace system that nobody will even be able to notice you are wearing resulting in gorgeous straight teeth and giving you total confidence when wearing them.

The Invisalign braces work differently to normal metal braces as they are removable which give you more freedom and you can easily take them out when eating or brushing you teeth. One thing I have noticed before with friends that have had normal metal braces fitted afterwards you can see marks where they have been where being able to remove the Invisalign to clean your teeth makes sure your teeth are cleaned evenly. You wear a series of the clear plastic braces each for two weeks at a time then move onto the next one in your series. The braces are custom made and each one in your series is slightly different to allow room for movement.


I think these Invisalign braces look a great alternative to the standard braces and I can see how they would keep your confidence, especially as a teenager where image and confidence becomes important to you. I would defiantly go down this route if Oscar and Archie needed braces in the future, or myself for that matter Take a look at the Sensu website to see a full list and information on the Orthodontic work they can do.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Sensu London

Win with wallpaper direct

I am currently running a competition with the fab people at WallpaperDirect to win £100 worth of wallcoverings,

Wallpaper Direct have the widest possible selection of wallcoverings you can find there is something for everyone at very competitive prices and a first class delivery service

126585orig 126593orig 127577full current-edition-img download

for your chance to win this fab prize, all you have to do is follow the link below to the Rafflecopter widget a winner will be chosen midnight 31st July.


Monday Monday

Good Morning all well cant believe we are already into July wow where is this year going,things have been fairly quiet on the blog, as ive been busy working hard at my self employment which i realy love but cant help but think i hate neglecting my blog so from today i am to make a new post at least twice a week, and id like your help id really love some new products and or services to review. ive recently decorated my spare room/office and im looking for a new desk if anyone can help. also i have a whole lounge diner waiting to be decorated and need paint and wallpaper i love diy, but it gets harder each time, think im getting old lol. and the garden well thats still ongoing have recently found a new love that is my fig tree. but still love flowers and shrubs also we are getting more in the way of birds even had a cheeky little wren come in the house last week.

I hope your all enjoying the weather and looking forward to your holidays we arent going anywhere this year but instead we are having the nieces and nephews all three of them coming to stay for ten days we have lots of days out planned but would also love some outdoor games for them to play in the garden when we get home or for days when i have to work. If you can help me with any of the above id really love to work with you please contact me and i look forward to hearing from you ..DSC_0006


Extreme Torque Show Competition

Sunday 5th July
Nissan Plant Sunderland

All Action Stunt Fest

Come and join the Extreme Team for some general chaos and destruction on Sunday 5th July. With three diverse arenas – Urban Arena, Extreme Arena and Torque Arena, we’re sure to have something for everyone.

Whether you’re a fan of drifting, monster trucks, motorbikes or the more urban sports of BMX and parkour, the Extreme Nissan Torque Show is the place to be.

We’ll kick off in the Urban Arena with a talented street vibe. A mix of urban sports from BMX to parkour. Watch the Extreme BMX team as pedal power takes to the horizon. As long as it’s got two wheels and plenty of stamina it’s game on, as these talented young riders showcase their tricks mid-air. Including all your favourites and a few yet to be invented. From the same platforms and straight from the movies check out the Parkour Team as they negotiate their way around the arena, regardless of obstacles. This is also your chance to get involved, with workshops available for a taste of the street scene.

Next up the Extreme Arena, where Two Brothers Racing will showcase their skills on two wheels and tarmac. Wheelies, burnouts and stoppies are just a few of the stunts on display. Heads up as the Extreme FMX team hit the skyways flying. A head for heights is a pre-requisite as our boys fly through the air displaying cliffhangers, nac nacs and supermans to name a few. Battling for air space, our resident riders are sure to get the adrenaline pumping as they defy gravity.

Last and by no means least, the giants of the show as Lil’ Devil and Extreme cause destruction in the Torque Arena. Both still pulling 1500 horsepower and car-crushing to the max, these machines are primed and ready for monster action.


Also appearing will be the Drift Championships courtesy of The Drift Outlaws. Judge based on line, angle, speed and show factor, drifting is an exciting competition, demonstrating the skills and agility of the drivers and their cars with an outright winner at the end of the day. Visit the pit area to get up close and personal with the machines and drivers.

The Team are planning on keeping you entertained from 11am through to 5pm and we’ve thrown in some good food, fun fair rides and a few extreme displays to keep you busy in between performances.

comp closed

The Best Electronic Cigarettes (E Cigs or E Cigarettes)

2015_Web Sliders_E-Liq 2 copy

If you’re tired of trying to give up smoking slapping patches here there and everywhere or chewing gum, it could be time to join the celebs and start vaping or ecigs . Ecigs are Electronic cigarettes, or e cigs for short, are battery-powered devices accompanied by a liquid nicotine fuel that is dissolved in a solution of propylene glycol & water.They come in all shapes and sizes and many different flavours.

How do they work?

Often termed “vaping,” when someone inhales an e-cigarette the battery heads the nicotine up, creating a vapour. The result that is achieved is the sensation of smoke in the mouth and lungs without actually smoking. Often it is the sensation of smoking as well as the nicotine that causes the addiction. E cigarettes simulate both stimuli alongside reducing the health concerns. There are a number of benefits associated with this.

Reasons for Using Electronic Cigarettes

Health Benefits In Comparison to Tobacco Smoking

Additional chemicals are present in normal cigarette smoking. The electronic cigarette doesn’t produce carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, ammonia, cyanide and acetone.

Save Money Swapping to E-Cigarettes

If you decided to change from smoking cigarettes to e cigs then you would save money. The cost to continue smoking e cigarettes is less that the cost of normal cigarettes.

E Cigarettes Are Safer for the People Around You

The reduced number of chemicals means that smoking e cigs is less dangerous for the people around you too. Also, the smell alone is less offensive to others.

Vaping celebs

Celebrities and bad habits go hand in hand, but whilst drink and drugs still reign supreme among the rich and famous, one vice has been kicked into touch in recent years: smoking. Smoking was once the height of fashion. In the days of black and white movies, smoking cigarettes was almost glamorised and it was hard to spot an icon of the day without their signature cigarette. But the modern day contemporaries of Bogart, Bacall and Brando are increasingly opting to ditch tobacco for a healthier, cheaper alternative: e-cigarettes. A Vapouriz E-cigarette, for example, works by giving the ‘smoker’ his or her nicotine fix, but taking away the harmful tar that would otherwise be imbibed. What’s more, e-cigarettes are refillable, with e-liquids available to buy at a much lower price than a standard pack of cigarettes. Gone are the days where the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn helped to make smoking sexy. Now, vaping is very much en vogue. Here are just five famous names who are known to have kicked their nicotine addiction and taken up the increasingly popular vaping movement: Lindsay Lohan The hardcore party chick may not be averse to driving under the influence but she has managed to kick one bad habit. Lohan has switched from smoking to vaping and has been actively promoting e-cigarettes since she played the role of a ‘vaper’ in the 2011 movie Extra. Paris Hilton The American socialite star of The Simple Life has made a clever choice for once – she can often be spotted vaping on the Hollywood club scene. Leonardo DiCaprio The Titanic, Aviator and Shutter Island star may still be seeking that elusive Oscar, but he knows how to look cool – last year, he was spotted vaping at the Golden Globes. If it’s good enough for heartthrob Leo, surely it’s good enough for blokes everywhere? Kate Moss The model and fashion designer was once well-known for smoking 40 cigarettes a day, but she has kicked her habit into touch and now only smokes the electronic version. Jack Nicholson The legendary One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest actor has ditched his reliance on cigars and can now be seen regularly toking on an e-cigarette in Los Angeles.

If you’re new to vaping check out the fab Vapouriz starter kit at just £29.99, ideal to start with and complete with everything you need

Product Details

Our newbies starter pack contains everything you need to start vaping!

Q. Is this Pack right for me?

A. If you want an alternative to cigarettes and aren’t sure where to start, this is the ideal Electronic cigarette Starter Pack for you! It contains the basic items you need to get going without feeling fully committed.


  • FUSE Clearomizer
  • FUSE 650 mAh Battery
  • USB charging lead
  • Vapouriz UK USB Wall Adapter
  • 3 x bottles of UK Made E-Liquid

If you would like more information about the best ecigs even the stars are using check out the website and make the change today