to D.I.Y or not

Now everyones kids are back at school or college mine included everyones thoughts are now looking towards the fat man in the red suit, no doubt the chocolates will be on offer in the supermarkets this week after the last minute rush on uniforms as the shops prepare in readiness for the biggest holiday season of the year. Already the furniture stores are advertising on tv order now in time for christmas, which has got me thinking must be time to spruce up the house>>>again. I said earlier in the year after finishing my hall and stairs i was hanging up my paint brushes and only time the paste table was coming out would be for car boot sales, alas while sat watching said adverts i saw a lush red sofa and looking at out cream and brown corner suite got me thinking our lounge could do with sprucing up.

The wallpaper as much as i love it has been on almost 2 yrs and im beginning to find it drab and dreary, id love something bright  to liven up the winter evenings snuggled in front of the fire. The sofa as i mentioned is Cream and Brown corner unit and despite trying to move it around our lounge it ends up back in the same position it started in as its the only place it fits. id love the TV on the mantel wall with a setter and seperate chairs, the wood floor can stay as i really do like that especially with owning dogs, but new rugs would be a welcome addition.


Im always looking for new products to review, services to sample and giveaways to run if you would like to work with me please get in touch,

DSC_0086DSC_0007 (2)

Meet Holly and Lottie these 2  members of the team love discussing dog treats toys and beds

Road Trip

Yesterday 30th Aug we decided last day of summer hols, so we needed a road trip, the sun was shining but boy was the wind also blowing, Myself and my partner set off in the landy to visit a local attraction we had seen on local tv this being Northumberlandi, the lady in the hills an approximate drive of half an hour we found the site quite easily not far from the main a19/a1m after the tyne tunnel.

Sadly as we are a bit out of shape at the moment the climb to the face was a bit to steep and as the wind was blowing to hard we decided not to venture to the top .DSC_0017

Next we continued our road trip to Morpeth where we stopped for a coffee and a browse of the local shops then we continued on our way along the beautiful Northumberland coastal route, up to Bamburgh Castle. I had been previously as a child on a family coach trip, we passed through Amble and Seahouses and the lovely Warkworth Castle all of which are worth a stop over if your having a day out,

Upon reaching Bamburgh We were amazed by the beauty of the Castle stood on the coastline in all its glory, not surprisingly its called the King of Castles. Firstly we had a walk along the beach and wow what a beach Miles of white sand and grassy dunes. You wont find a nice beach anywhere in the world like it in my opinion and plenty of places amongst the dunes to get away from the wind.DSC_0043 (2)

To top off our day we paid to go into the castle itself, £9.95 per adult and worth every penny the castle is huge and the admission lets you into 14 rooms  to admire the furniture, architecture and dress code of a byegone age.

later summer road trip

later summer road trip

DSC_0063 DSC_0081 DSC_0085 DSC_0096 (2) DSC_0103 DSC_0110

For our next trip up the coast we aim to visit Holy Island as this is one place ive never been but its definitely on my bucket list.








ive recently been asked to do some photoshoots for a new smart phone app, i will reveal the details later but thought id share with you some of the photos ive taken so far,

food when your hungry mm

food when your hungry mm 

next i had to smell home cooked food

next i had to smell home cooked food

sign of the times

sign of the times

dog friendly pubs nice to have a lovely one not far from where i live.

dog friendly pubs nice to have a lovely one not far from where i live.


trip to the seasied

trip to the seaside

Gnat Casual Shirts.unashamedly quirky

If you have a passion for all things quirky for the man in your life you will love this new line of casual fun shirts from Gnat. Jokers06-11-13Made from woven Polycotton, the shirt is well made and not too stuffy. The stuff of Hollywood A-listers or a stag do in the local boozer, this fun shirt is easy to wear and looks good on anyone, and you can rest assured no one will be wearing the same shirt as they are all different no 2 shirts are the same. Ordering is simple as the sizes you see on the website are well fitted and generous no skimping. 

crafted in luxury cotton offering a tailored fit with a functional top pocket, button back cuffs and a crisp plain style collar, and retail at just £23.99 so if you want something a little different or wish to stand out in a crowd this will certainly work wonders for you, I can guarantee its pulling powers tho as my Other half thinks its hideous, but thats part of the attraction to me. 

You may find similar shirts on the high street but you wont find the quality of this fab Young trendy Company, Dare to be different got a wedding coming up you can order a stylish Dress shirt Eqally as quirky but a little more toned down. Sporting a Classic or Wing Collar your guaranteed to stand out. Gnat offer Free delivery on all orders too so why go trawling the shops when it can be bought online. You can also purchase a self-tie bow to go with your shirt. 


For more information on Gnat and to check out the range go to


little people


As i always seem to attract negative comments from people because i dont blog about children i thought id give this a try, as recently we have had our niece and nephew aged 8 & 5 on holiday for a week and then went to Clacton on Sea for the 2nd week and also looked after their 2 yr old sister too. As my 2 daughters are now 21 & 18 I thought id share with your our 2 weeks holiday, for the first week as i said we had the 2 eldest stay with us so we took them on days out first stop was to Beamish The Living Museum of the North , In theCounty Durham  not too far from where we live, we werent sure how they would react to going “back in time” and once we got there paid our way in, which if you visit regularly you can buy and annual pass and go as many times as you like with just a few exceptions to times, we bought one last August 2013 and have been 5 times so far as Beamish is always expanding and holding different events.

On the day we visited with Iliyda & Tamer the weather was warm and sunny which is always a bonus, the were a bit unfussed after walking through the entrance to what would await them so first stop-literally was the tram stop.


10542020_352986798187752_9192512364312382703_n 10361964_352987114854387_657074199507178201_n


So Off we went on an oldfashioned bus, first stop was the Pockerley WagonWay where we had a wander around some old buildings and anticipated a ride on a steam engine but it wasnt running at this time, so off we set again into the old town centre. Where fwe paid a visit to the Bakers shop, and the Confectioners for some old fashioned sweets, the kids loved this bit especially watching the sweets being made and sampling fresh honeycombe, you know the stuff in the middle of crunchies!


After visiting the various shops and homes in the town belonging to various professionals solicitors, dentists and teachers to name a few we had a picnic lunch on the village green, which surrounds a fab bandstand.


After lunch we took a short stroll to the main showfield where 2 excited children were expecting to find and array of amusements so they were a bit bemused when the only rides where The Gallopers a steam operated horse carousel, and some Shuggy Boats, both of which were a must try experience, Shuggy boats for those of you readers yonger than me are boat shaped swing rides that you operate by pulling a rope, My nephew found this bewildering as he asked why do you have to pay when you do all the work, which had us and the crowd around us laughing loudly.


We next took another bus ride up to Home Farm to see some animals, including sheep, pigs and horses and hens and to play on some old fashioned machinery 10561809_352990281520737_6522540184421700056_n.

We next walked down the hill to the old village which consists of a typical mining village with small terraced houses, a village hall, and a school, In the school they often do special activities and today as it was the Anniversary of the start of WW1 the children were encouraged to make poppies and plant them in the garden outside.

We managed to spend the whole day from 10 till 5.30 and where exhausted by the end of it but the kids managed to ask do we have to go home already? Who said there isnt much to see and do at Beamish, we will be back soon.

Woolovers. 25Years of knitwear excellence


If like myself you havent heard of Woolovers, your missing out on something very exciting. I must of had my eyes closed for the last 25 years as until recently I hadnt heard of this fab company who are specialist knitwear providers for men and women.

Woolovers started as a small business in 1989 and are now a world class supplier of knitwear with over 750,000 satisfied customers, specializing in mens and womens jumpers in classic and contemperary styles.With over 160 styles  in 180 different colour combinations there is something for everyone who loves the feel of wool, cotton or cashmere.

Unlike most of the “wool” clothes bought on the high street Woolovers are made in association with the British Wool Board & Woolmark so quality is assured and every item is machine washable so you can buy and wear with confidence.




As you can see in the images the classical look never goes out of fashion and along with great prices Woolovers are exceptional value for money, and make great gifts and for the hard to please you can also buy giftvouchers.

The most flexible way to buy the perfect gift…


If thats no enough to whet your appetite get your wardrobe ready for winter with  some fab sale offers with 10% off all orders over £70,  by using the  code Anniv25 spend over £75 and take advantage of free delivery too.

So whatever you style or taste there realy is something for everyone, check out the website for further details, im not hunting the high street this yr for my jumpers i know where im buying mine from



Vape Club

If you have ever wanted to give up smoking there has never been a better time to do it, Not only for your health and your families peace of mind but for yourself.

Im not going to give anyone nightmares by telling you what smoking causes as i want everyone of my readers to be happy and healthy and with the mulititude of e-cigs and vapours about at the moment we are spoilt for choice.

Welcome to Vape Club, the UK’s premier eLiquid specialists and suppliers of vape pense-cigarettes and vaping accessories. Whether you’re new to vaping or you’re an old hand, our mission is to provide you with the best quality eLiquids and eCigs at the best possible prices. In doing so we hope we can also provide you with some excellent info about vaping related topics and maybe a bit of a giggle along the way.

At Vape Club we pride ourselves on our wide range of eLiquid brands and flavours – from the most cost effective, standard brands and flavours that keep us all going in between pay days, right up to the premium gourmet juices. We have Chinese, US and UK made eLiquids in a wide variety of nicotine strengths, base liquid ratios and of course flavours. We’re always on the look out for new, quality brands and will be adding more and more lines as time goes by.

We also have a select range of high quality vape pens, clearomizers and accessories available as well as the cig-a-likes that many people start their vaping journey with. Rest assured we are a company run by Vapers for Vapers, and we don’t stock anything that we wouldn’t be happy to use ourselves!

And now Vape Club have dropped prices by a whopping 83% as part of a new promotional campaign, which means prices start as low as £1.99 for a e-cig , There is a huge choice of flavours to choose from if you opt for a evap including Cherry Cola, chocolate and Mint, to the exotic Kiwi Pineapple and Mango, to name a few.

And to help you give up wehave  got a fab competition running on my facebook page, where you have the chance to win either one max starter kit worth £106.99 but if your not lucky enough to win its on offer for £21.99 so either way you cant lose.


and for 5 lucky runners up we have vape club electronic cigs started kits rrp 23.97 on offer for just a measly £3.99

if you would like the chance to win one of these great kits head over to my facebook page and follow the rafflecopter entry.

and if your not one of the lucky winners you can now try Vape Club for free and only pay postage.

Dont just take my word for it try if yourself and come back and leave me a comment on how you do, I will update this in a few days and let you know how i get on with my starter kit.



the winners of my fab competition have been anounced on my facebook page please check to see if its you thanks x





Salad Recipes, Well now that summer is upon is if your like me your already bored of the thought of salads every day, dont get me wrong i like salads on baking hot days, but find them urghhh after a few days and long for something tasty. 

That should now change as the fab people at Florette you know the ones famous for bags of crispy green leaves, have come up with a selection  of Florette Salad Recipes. Which can also be found on the website. There is a wide variety of recipes that should unbore even the less adventurous like myself so even on those less than summery days which lets face it in the UK we often have you can now conjure up wholesome appetising meals using salad, yes you heard right salad,

There is Courgette, PepperCress & Ricotta Soup which a serving for 2 only takes 20mins so time to get it made when the covers come out at Wimbledon. Or how about a PepperCress Pizza for when friends and family pop round for a nibble and only takes 15 mins. or if your having a Barbecue why not make a special sauce for the meat with PepperCress Chimichurri sauce, 


The ideas when you think about it for a few minutes are endless what you can really do with a salad, i hope ive given you food for thought why not check out the website  above and share with me any ideas for salad that you have.


Feed the birds

I thought it was time for an update sorry to Farbrook Farms for not posting sooner, but i was lucky enough to be sent some fab products as i love feeding the birds that have started coming back into our garden, lately we have seen an increase in sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, and magpies, we even have a regular daily visitor of a pidgeon who we have named Percy.
I was sent to review A water drinker which looks like an upside down bottle on a plate, which i guess basically it is but the slow release means the water lasts for a while as it only releases onto the plate when it sways either in the wind or when a bird is on it having a drink of course when they fly away too it refills always leaving a fresh supply of water for the next bird.
I was also sent a fab ball ring which as you can see is self explanatory, fill the ring with fat balls and off you go, the circular design enables the birds to sit in the middle of the ring while eating, easy to refil it holds 10 fat balls and you can see at a glance when it needs refilling.
Last but not least the favourite bird product( not by me) definitely a hit with the birds is the fledgeling mix Our Fledgling Mix provides just the nutrition boost that baby birds and their parents need! It’s packed with high-energy ingredients such as suet, peanut grains, sunflower hearts and dried mealworms, enhanced with calcium-rich oyster shell. All the ingredients are in small pieces – easy for adults to take back to the nest and perfect for even tiny beaks!

Contains: pinhead oatmeal, peanut grains (free from aflatoxin), red & white millet, dried mealworms, sunflower hearts, suet pellets, oyster shell grit and canary seed
we use this in the hanging feeders and the bird table where Percy visits every night to enjoy his treat.

- See more at: