Valentines Day

Im sure everyone is aware Friday the 14th of February is St Valentines Day. I will be celebrating the day with my lovely wife of 3 years and partner of almost 16. (wow where did the time go). I will be sharing last minute gift ideas and treats during this week in the build up to the big day. I would also love to hear what you have planned for that someone special whether its a proposal, a meal, or a night away in a luxury hotel. one can only dream.

Happy Valentines Day

Flowers, Valentines days starts and ends with flowers especially roses they add a touch of classic romance and luxury to any occasion, but as always prices always seem to sky rocket around Valentines day.MorrisonsValentines Day have a great range of flowers and ive just happened upon these roses at £6 ideal for anyone on a tight budget but look much more expensive. They come boxed  to add to the luxury, and if you’re worried about a vase Morrisons have that covered too, they sell clear glass vases for just £5. No need to stop off at the local petrol station at these prices. Be quick these won’t hang around for long.


Garden Overhaul

Hi and thank you for taking the time to read my blog, This post is going to run as its following the overhaul of our garden, We have lived here just over 3 yrs and in that time due to ill health the grass has only ever been cut occasionally, after first having a regular grass cutter who didnt know the meaning of regular then me managing to break 3 lawn mowers in a short space of time, At times its like we live on a demolition site there is approx half an inch of soil the rest is rock hard clay and broken bricks and slabs etc.

Anyway now ive lost weight and got on top of my health issues i decided it was time to try to do something with our bleak vista.

The first photo is the garden as it was on saturday 13th July in 3 days i have worked hard to make it into a nice area. Pixie our mini yorkie hates all the lumps and bumps in it, Me i hate the fence but as its rented property i cant afford to replace the fencing so im having to make do with hedges for the time being. More pics to follow..


Its now July 24th and after a few hard days in the sun trying to do a little bit of digging and planting i feel i have accomplished a fair bit in my personal quest to make the garden a nice area.



not happy with the centre piece as i made it too small i added to it the next day, thankfully our local garden centre was selling off some plants cheaply.

The bigger ctr piece

down the right hand side i have planted some leylandii to hopefully grown and make a nice secluded area, till we can afford a fence. and on the left hand side im hoping to plant some country cottage type plants that will regrow every year like lupins, and other hardy perenialls for an easy to keep garden,

At the back where was once a border of sorts im working on that area and am awaiting some Fruit Trees from @Thomson & morgan.

The Fab People from @Gardens2You sent me some gorgeous ornaments for the garden im so impressed by the quality and unique styles this is one site that is going to get some orders in I love browsing the website and making plans for what i want next.

Antique cast iron birdbath/feeder

Antique cast iron birdbath/feeder


resin Lizard

The garden ornaments are available to buy online from in a range of prices to suit every pocket the variety of ornaments is better than you will find in any garden centre.

prices top to bottom-

After a relatively easy week keeping on top of the work already done yesterday i decided to tackle the borders, or to be precise the wild undergrowth where borders once were, last year i asked 2 local gardeners for a price for this work and none of them would tackle it. So yes it was very hard work to remove the grass and weeds then trying to turn it over was another story, met with tree roots, plastic containers and glass and stones 2 days later we have the beginnings of flower beds.

Now i need some top soil, manure and some edging of some description to give it some definition.

For my small patio area at the side of the house a friend won some planters from Keter, the look like plant pots with a spike but they actually hang from them link that is hidden underneath, i love them they are quirky and admired by all.