Simply Sensitive Powder-tab

As an exczma suffer ive always been aware of the benefits os using non-bilogical washing powders, but Simply Sensitive is not only Non -bio but eco friendly too. According to the makers website -www.simplywashing.com

Simply Sensitive Powder-tabs have a powerful non-biological formulation which delivers all the eco-smart washing power you need. Whether you’re cleaning clothes for babies, young children, teenagers or adults, Simply Sensitive Powder-tabs deliver outstanding cleaning performance.

Simply Laundry products carry the EU Eco-label – the first UK detergents to be granted this guarantee of greenness – so you know they’re kind to the planet. Simply Sensitive Powder-tabs have been dermatologically tested and are approved by the Vegan Society.

I used the Non Bio tabs first on a variety of washing whites, colours and darks and they came up as clean and any of the mainstream brands without the need for artificial perfumes. The powders are stringently tested to get to use the Eu eco label and are real value for money £2.89 for 15 washes this is one powder i will be using for some time to come, No itching or rashes makes this a great buy and I would reccomend Simply for allergy and exzcma suffers alike and also if you want good clean clothes without the fancy bits. The packaging is waterproof too so any spills dont get into the tub and spoil the packets which has happened to me on several occasions.

more info can be found on the website http://www.simplywashing.co.uk


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