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Soldering Irons

My mother always said i was a bit of a tomboy but i didn’t realise just how right she was till lately, ive always been keen doing hands on repairs around the home and garden, even having recently erected a shed to keep my tools in, but only recently i found myself having to buy a bit of equipment i never thought id use 35yrs after leaving school and the metal work class behind.
I was fitting a new cd unit into my car and speakers, but when i came to attaching the speaker wires to the fab new speakers sitting on my rear parcel shelf they kept popping off. I thought long and hard about how i could get them to stay attached, metal to metal sellotape wouldn’t work, nor would superglue! What was needed was a bit of solder and soldering iron.
So thinking about would i ever use or need one again it got me thinking to what if anything a soldering iron could be used for and what type would i need so i set about browsing the internet and came upon this fab site Rapid Online.com
At first look to a female or anyone who doesn’t do D.I.Y the selection is mindboggling to say the least gas powered, mains powered, , temperature-controlled analogue and digital soldering stations, solder and flux,fume-extraction systems, soldering iron stands and soldering accessories. Whoosh that lot flew over my head, surely all i needed was a small mains powered one that i could plug into an extension cable and plop a couple of bits of solder on the connectors and wires.
Alas not to be put off by this i purchased a kit that contained all i needed, a soldering iron, some solder spare solder tips and long nose pliers. When the kit arrived i realised that you don’t have to be keen on d.i.y to use one or be a tomboy, a small soldering kit like this one can be used for the most “girly” or “manly” of tasks such as jewellery making or in my case fitting car speakers. In fact anything that needs metal attaching to metal. I may of left school many years ago but im still learning.
Prices start from as little as £49.68 or the Kit below which features burn proof silicone cable is just £63.54

soldering irons


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