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Kit Kat Chunky

Im sure by now most of you are aware of a voting comp that is running on Facebook to find out the what the new flavour of Chunky Kit Kat will be. Currently there are 4 new flavours KIT KAT® Chunky Orange, Kit Kat Chunky White Choc, Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter and Kit Kat Chunky Double Choc. and it is going to the public vote to find out which one will remain.

At the moment Peanut Butter is in the lead but that could change before the closing date of 24th Feb 2011.

I have in the name of science and being a chocoholic tried them all here are my findings.

Peanut Butter, my personal favourite was never too keen on chunky kit kat previously as always struggled to eat a 4 finger bar, but i love this.The creamy slightly salted taste of peanuts is once tasted never forgotten.

Next is the White Choc this is another favourite of mine being made by Nestle its like a chunky kit kat fell into the milky bar vat.

Kit Kat orange was next on my hit list, just a nice hint of orange not overpowering or tangy

And last but by no means least Kit Kat Chunky Double Choc now i may be strange but i like chocolate but found this one not to my likeing dont get me wrong i liked it just not as much as the other three, there’s not a lot you can say that isnt said in the name.

My only disspointment is NO MINT, Nestle i love minty chocolate and would loved to of seen a Chunky Minty Kit Kat there, i know its available in japan so why not the UK??

If you would like to vote on which bar you think should remain on the shelves head over to facebook now


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