About Me- delve into my personal bits.

Hello and welcome to my blog I hope you find it enlightening, entertaining and above all and interesting read.

Im Sue im middle aged but no over the hill just yet. I have  been blogging/reviewing almost Ten (wow where did the time go.) years Blogging and writing in general is something i really enjoy and it keeps me busy. I started blogging when i first became unemployed after having a Total Hysterectomy operation the byline of having Ovarian Cancer. Anyone who knows me knows I hate sitting about doing nothing begining to feel like a pensionser with ADHD, and as my brain likes to think its 23 so id like to keep it that way. I live on the beautiful north east coast nr County Durham with my lovely wife Claire  I have 2 now grown up daughters and nieces and nephews who we see when time allows, which at the moment isn’t enough. I am a full time student albeit a mature one a phrase I dislike as uni sees anyone over 25 as mature.

As we are very soon to leave the EU. I felt it was time to upgrade my blog and concentrate on all things British. No I have nothing against Europeans I have lots of friends of differing nationalities but feel the time is right to help British companies get on the map, with this in mind I will be looking at buying and reviewing all things British.

My other hobby is photography that’s why almost all of the photos on this blog are my own.

I have been lucky enough to collaborate  for some amazing companies and I love working alongside brands big and small and offer genuine feedback.  All reviews are shared across social media. If you would like to work with me please contact me id really like to hear from you.



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