Media Card/hire me

Hi as well as writing this blog which i hope you find helpful and informative. I am also self employed as a Freelance Photographer, copywriter, social media manager and e-newsletter writer. If you like what you see and would like to work with me please get in touch.

I love to collaborate with brands, as long as it is relevant to myself or my family.

Daily Brew Reviews is available for reviews of a products or service as well as sponsored or guest posts. Im also interested in attending events, either local to us in Durham or further afield if travel is provided. I will soon be creating vlogs and sharing reviews on youtube.

I work hard on my posts with brands, putting in a lot of time and effort, and I will always be honest and unbiased in my reviews of a product or other collaborative post; I want my readers to be able to trust me and my blog. These posts will always be disclosed.

I’m also available to help your brand or small business on social media to increase brand awareness, or to create a unique blog post for your own website.

I offer advertising on this blog as long as it fits with our ethos.
Some of the Clients ive worked with previously are shown below

I have a Mozseo
DA 33

Unique views pm 10,000

over 3000 twitter follows and 500 ig

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