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Halo Non Bio

Halo Non Bio Pet Bedding & Clothing Wash, may seem at first glance a tad expensive, currently online at £5.39 for 1 Litre or 25 washes it works out at a little over 21p per wash and as ive just discovered this really is the mutts knutts of washing powders excuse the pun. As a household of 3 dogs of our own and 1 foster dog at the moment our clothes tend to get a bit “dog eared” and dont smell their best even after a hot wash, with New Halo pet everything comes out smelling clean and fresh. We have just came back from a week away and with all the dogs having a prolonged period caged on the 6 hour drive their bedding was in dire need of a wash so this was the first time we used it and what a lovely surprise everthing came out of the wash smelling sweetly and as stated on the label bacteria free.This in itself is an amazing claim but i dont doubt it works at the liquid is concentrated so goes a long way and can be used in temps as low as 30 degrees. We used it on bedding that was used by a whelping bitch and it brought out stains at a higher temp that other products previously failed to remove.

As a pet family we cant rate this product highly enough Halo Non Bio Pet definitely gets the thumbs or should that be paws up from us.

* Non-Bio & Eco Friendly, Works at just 30 Degrees!
* Puppy & Kitten Safe
* Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral & Antifungal
* ‘Low Bubble’ Formulation to be even softer on sensitive skin.
* Highly Concentrated giving an incredible 25 Washes!

Safe to use on all Pet Bedding, Clothing, Horse Blankets, Saddle Cloths, Numnahs etc (always check label)

More details on Halo can be found online.  http://www.halononbio.co.uk/halo-pet/halo-pet-bedding-clothing-wash


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