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Greens Blueberry Cupcakes.

As seems to be the fashion for cupcakes at the moment Greens have brought out a new range of bake at home cupcake mixes.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Blueberry variety, and delicious they were too. I dont bake as often as i would  like to so i enjoyed rolling up my sleeves in the kitchen.  Not that there was any mess just followed the  easy step by step instructions and made the sponges first. next was to bake and allow to cool and cut a hole in the middle to fill with the sauce mixture and fill the top with the sponge i removed.  All going well so far next was the icing again followed the instructions and mixed with water and cut a corner off the bag to make an icing bag alas it seems i used a bit to much water not sure how following the instructions so a word of warning use less at first and add more if needed. so my icing was a bit runny.

As they say the proof of the pudding is in the tasting while mine didnt look as good as the ones on the packets they were still tasty the sponge was moist but not soggy, this filling fruity and not tarty and topped with  blueberry icing make an attractive addition to the greens range of cake mixes that have made them popular.The cupcakes are available in Strawberry and Lemon flavours too.

Greens cake mixes are available from all good supermarkets like Asda & Morrisons with their unmistakeable green topped packaging.And further product information is available on the website WWW.greenscakes.co.uk


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