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Evoid The truth, taste, tang


the website is as colourful as the labels and the drinks are pretty cool too and sure to be a huge hit with the younger audience. when supplied to schools they come complete with a can recycling unit  I recieved some cans, bottles and cartons so there is a drink for all occasions. Unlike other drinks that are labelled by flavour Evoid are labelled by number ie Evoid one, two, three etc.  up  to nine and contain no nasties no artificial flavours or colours.

Evoid one is a mixed berry drink which i found very fruity and certainly not too tangy.

Fruit Juices from Concentrate (Apple 72%, Strawberry 6%, Lemon 2%, Blackcurrant 1%, Elderberry 1%)

Natural Flavourings
Typical values per 100ml:

Energy 176kj / 42.4kcal
Protein Trace
Carbohydrates 10.6g
(of which sugars) 10.6g
Fat Trace
Fibre Trace
Sodium Trace

other drinks available include two a sparkling mixed berry drink, three is a Lemon Fruit drink and one of my favourites a bit more tangy than the mixed fruit but very refreshing. Four  is a sparkling Lemon made with carbonated water. Six is a sparkling Cola drink in my opinion this tasted a little flatter that what usual makes of cola are but that may be a good thing. Eight is by far my favourite drink Cherry, love the smell and a taste to die for, while nine is Sparkling cherry again love the taste and the smell cherries in abundance. Overall the drinks are a well thought out alternative to the more popular brands although the labels look a little plain at first glance. Once tried never forgotten the website claims all drinks are made from at least 78% pure fruit juice and can count towards your 5-a- day. I would recomend Evoid drinks on the flavour alone im sure we will see these drink alongside the mainstream ones soon.





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