Pedigree Dog Food Trial


I am currently taking part in a 6 week food trial with Pedigree dog foods and as part of this i was invited to the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition in a lovely part of the country in Leicester.


The day started out with a meet and greet with some lovely hospitality. Next we had a tour of the facilities including the lab area which is as up to date as anyone would expect in nasa this is where most of the nutritional and other  testing happens. Next onto the animals, met some lovely happy well trained dogs currently Waltham is home to Labradors, Beagles PBGV, and Yorkshire Terriers. I admit like most i was concerned about dogs being kept at facilities, being owned by 3 myself but all my fears were foundless all the dogs are extremely well socialised and trained by experts. They are kept in the most amazing kennels where any private boarding facility would be proud to have with plenty of greenery to run around on and the kennel block rather than being a long corridor type building is hexagon shaped with a central entry point so the dogs can see who is coming and going.

Next onto the cattery again the cats are well cared and catered for and very friendly and some even trained to give saliva samples in return for treat. yes even the cats are trained!

All the way around the tour we stopped at different points where there was information regarding Mars, Nutrition, Dental Health and other interesting facts that were explained to us by one of the resident vets Jo  Gale. After the tour we went back to the meeting room where Jo gave a talk on Nutrition and Dental Health. We learnt lots of interesting facts some including dogs have a 3rd less enamel on their teeth than humans, which was a shock to me after owning dogs most of my life.

After Lunch we had a talk about the ingredients used in Pedigree pet foods, which again full of interesting facts 1. All the products used in their pet food is food from the human food chain meaning its all fit for human consumptions just its parts we dont eat.Then we had a slides and a talk from a member of the Product pane team re manufacturing all food is tested routinely every 2 hours for colour, smell, and quality i personally dont know of any human manufacturers who test like this.

To finish off the day we had a talk and slide about Human and animal interaction and the new feeding brighter futures which is the new pedigree initiative.

The one thing that shone through on the day is the passion from all involved with Pedigree from the factory to the animal care to the vets they are all passionate about the animals which makes the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition a place to believe in.

I for one will now think of Pedigree in a more positive light.

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