Back to School

Well after a lot of humming and arghinnnnng and persuasion from my other half and daughter i have taken the plunge and signed up to go to university in Sept 2016. I said for a long time if they done media when i left school i would of jumped at the chance, so now im between jobs and at a loose end ive enrolled on the Extended Media course at Sunderland Uni and i cant wait to start, ive already begun the task of applying for student loans for which you need a degree to follow without uni.

What do I hope to gain from the course well its a bit of a personal mission as at 54 i dont think its going to be a career move but as i enjoy writing id love to be able to add a more proffessional angle to my writing any work that comes from the course will be a bonus.

Next Wednesday 9th march is the open day to see where i will be studying and meet lecturers etc so looking forward to it with trepidation in case im the oldest one there.

so watch this space to see how my journey progresses and if you have any stories or been there done that please let me know how you overcame any obstacles. Your’e never too old to learn said I.


Update, Wed 9th march i  went along to the experience day as Sunderland University, where i met lecturers and fellow prospective tutors  and despite an anxiety attack about going along on my own i was made to feel welcome and not like a fish out of water at all, Ive now done the online student loan application and have forms to send and im very much looking forward to September when i begin the Extended Media course.

Have been accecpted onto my chosen course, ive sent off my student finance application and bought my student nus discount card, is it September yet?  will need to buy stationery etc ready for my big day which brings me neatly to National Stationery week coming soon in April if any companies are looking to work with bloggers id love to collaborate just get in touch thanks.

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