spring has sprung or has it

woke up today the car was white with frost but now the sun is shining, still a chill in the air but better than being grey and miserable even the old man in our house Harry managed to find a spot of sun on the sofa.12596360_556836264480129_548512943_n

Harry is a special wee man, last yr he was found abandonded and tied up to a washing line in a cold miserable back yard,weighing 3lb wet through. as we do a lot of rescue work for dogs we were asked by a friend if we could foster him, we didnt think he would make it through the night, he was a mess of matts, eyes streaming so much he could barely see and coughing. We gave him the night in a nice warm bed and by morning he had improved tenfold so we fed him on a decent dry food which he could hardly eat as his teeth were so bad, so off to the  vets it was to have him checked over. His teeth were so bad they all had to come out and as he got neutered at the same time poor lad didnt know if he had headache or A** ache, he had to be hand fed on dog food that had been blended to resemble baby food this lasted a couple of weeks as his gums began to heal he was able to eat more on his own, now we are 9 months along the line Harry is a fab little fella now spends his time snuggled on the sofa usually on a fleece blanket which he loves he is so loving and well behaved and can now eat most things with no help from Hoomans. Would we do it again in a heartbeat yes it was so hard watchng him come through that operation but the love he gives knows no bounds.

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