Vision Direct

If like me you get misty eyed when you see doggy adverts on tv over the festive period then have a look at this years campaign from Vision Direct. Vision Direct worked with Bespoke Film and Communications to bring us the story of Gizmo the glasses wearing pug and his best hooman friend.

Incase you havent seen the original advert yet maybe you need to visit Vision Direct too, its been on our screens since December 1st but just in case you missed it here it is- tissues at the ready. But read to the end to see the very funny behind the scenes video of one dog and his Bitches, sorry entourage.

Vision Direct are Europes leading supplier of contact lenses  since being founded in 1998 renowned for quality lenses at affordable prices delivered direct to your door, offering leading brands such as Acuvue, Focus Dailies and Biofinity to name a few.All delivered the next day if ordered by 5.30pm. They also have their own in house optician alongside an award winning customer service team available to answer any queries you  may have.

And if you thought the ad was sad it really does have a happy ending and here hopefully is the funny behind the scenes video which im privelleged to share with you all.

If  your in need of Contact Lenses check out

Brought to you from the lovely people at vision direct and Gizmo the pug, Merry Xmas








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