Monday Monday

Good Morning all well cant believe we are already into July wow where is this year going,things have been fairly quiet on the blog, as ive been busy working hard at my self employment which i realy love but cant help but think i hate neglecting my blog so from today i am to make a new post at least twice a week, and id like your help id really love some new products and or services to review. ive recently decorated my spare room/office and im looking for a new desk if anyone can help. also i have a whole lounge diner waiting to be decorated and need paint and wallpaper i love diy, but it gets harder each time, think im getting old lol. and the garden well thats still ongoing have recently found a new love that is my fig tree. but still love flowers and shrubs also we are getting more in the way of birds even had a cheeky little wren come in the house last week.

I hope your all enjoying the weather and looking forward to your holidays we arent going anywhere this year but instead we are having the nieces and nephews all three of them coming to stay for ten days we have lots of days out planned but would also love some outdoor games for them to play in the garden when we get home or for days when i have to work. If you can help me with any of the above id really love to work with you please contact me and i look forward to hearing from you ..DSC_0006

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