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Extreme Torque Show Competition

Sunday 5th July
Nissan Plant Sunderland

All Action Stunt Fest

Come and join the Extreme Team for some general chaos and destruction on Sunday 5th July. With three diverse arenas – Urban Arena, Extreme Arena and Torque Arena, we’re sure to have something for everyone.

Whether you’re a fan of drifting, monster trucks, motorbikes or the more urban sports of BMX and parkour, the Extreme Nissan Torque Show is the place to be.

We’ll kick off in the Urban Arena with a talented street vibe. A mix of urban sports from BMX to parkour. Watch the Extreme BMX team as pedal power takes to the horizon. As long as it’s got two wheels and plenty of stamina it’s game on, as these talented young riders showcase their tricks mid-air. Including all your favourites and a few yet to be invented. From the same platforms and straight from the movies check out the Parkour Team as they negotiate their way around the arena, regardless of obstacles. This is also your chance to get involved, with workshops available for a taste of the street scene.

Next up the Extreme Arena, where Two Brothers Racing will showcase their skills on two wheels and tarmac. Wheelies, burnouts and stoppies are just a few of the stunts on display. Heads up as the Extreme FMX team hit the skyways flying. A head for heights is a pre-requisite as our boys fly through the air displaying cliffhangers, nac nacs and supermans to name a few. Battling for air space, our resident riders are sure to get the adrenaline pumping as they defy gravity.

Last and by no means least, the giants of the show as Lil’ Devil and Extreme cause destruction in the Torque Arena. Both still pulling 1500 horsepower and car-crushing to the max, these machines are primed and ready for monster action.


Also appearing will be the Drift Championships courtesy of The Drift Outlaws. Judge based on line, angle, speed and show factor, drifting is an exciting competition, demonstrating the skills and agility of the drivers and their cars with an outright winner at the end of the day. Visit the pit area to get up close and personal with the machines and drivers.

The Team are planning on keeping you entertained from 11am through to 5pm and we’ve thrown in some good food, fun fair rides and a few extreme displays to keep you busy in between performances.

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