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The Best Electronic Cigarettes (E Cigs or E Cigarettes)

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If you’re tired of trying to give up smoking slapping patches here there and everywhere or chewing gum, it could be time to join the celebs and start vaping or ecigs . Ecigs are Electronic cigarettes, or e cigs for short, are battery-powered devices accompanied by a liquid nicotine fuel that is dissolved in a solution of propylene glycol & water.They come in all shapes and sizes and many different flavours.

How do they work?

Often termed “vaping,” when someone inhales an e-cigarette the battery heads the nicotine up, creating a vapour. The result that is achieved is the sensation of smoke in the mouth and lungs without actually smoking. Often it is the sensation of smoking as well as the nicotine that causes the addiction. E cigarettes simulate both stimuli alongside reducing the health concerns. There are a number of benefits associated with this.

Reasons for Using Electronic Cigarettes

Health Benefits In Comparison to Tobacco Smoking

Additional chemicals are present in normal cigarette smoking. The electronic cigarette doesn’t produce carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, ammonia, cyanide and acetone.

Save Money Swapping to E-Cigarettes

If you decided to change from smoking cigarettes to e cigs then you would save money. The cost to continue smoking e cigarettes is less that the cost of normal cigarettes.

E Cigarettes Are Safer for the People Around You

The reduced number of chemicals means that smoking e cigs is less dangerous for the people around you too. Also, the smell alone is less offensive to others.

Vaping celebs

Celebrities and bad habits go hand in hand, but whilst drink and drugs still reign supreme among the rich and famous, one vice has been kicked into touch in recent years: smoking. Smoking was once the height of fashion. In the days of black and white movies, smoking cigarettes was almost glamorised and it was hard to spot an icon of the day without their signature cigarette. But the modern day contemporaries of Bogart, Bacall and Brando are increasingly opting to ditch tobacco for a healthier, cheaper alternative: e-cigarettes. A Vapouriz E-cigarette, for example, works by giving the ‘smoker’ his or her nicotine fix, but taking away the harmful tar that would otherwise be imbibed. What’s more, e-cigarettes are refillable, with e-liquids available to buy at a much lower price than a standard pack of cigarettes. Gone are the days where the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn helped to make smoking sexy. Now, vaping is very much en vogue. Here are just five famous names who are known to have kicked their nicotine addiction and taken up the increasingly popular vaping movement: Lindsay Lohan The hardcore party chick may not be averse to driving under the influence but she has managed to kick one bad habit. Lohan has switched from smoking to vaping and has been actively promoting e-cigarettes since she played the role of a ‘vaper’ in the 2011 movie Extra. Paris Hilton The American socialite star of The Simple Life has made a clever choice for once – she can often be spotted vaping on the Hollywood club scene. Leonardo DiCaprio The Titanic, Aviator and Shutter Island star may still be seeking that elusive Oscar, but he knows how to look cool – last year, he was spotted vaping at the Golden Globes. If it’s good enough for heartthrob Leo, surely it’s good enough for blokes everywhere? Kate Moss The model and fashion designer was once well-known for smoking 40 cigarettes a day, but she has kicked her habit into touch and now only smokes the electronic version. Jack Nicholson The legendary One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest actor has ditched his reliance on cigars and can now be seen regularly toking on an e-cigarette in Los Angeles.

If you’re new to vaping check out the fab Vapouriz starter kit at just £29.99, ideal to start with and complete with everything you need

Product Details

Our newbies starter pack contains everything you need to start vaping!

Q. Is this Pack right for me?

A. If you want an alternative to cigarettes and aren’t sure where to start, this is the ideal Electronic cigarette Starter Pack for you! It contains the basic items you need to get going without feeling fully committed.


  • FUSE Clearomizer
  • FUSE 650 mAh Battery
  • USB charging lead
  • Vapouriz UK USB Wall Adapter
  • 3 x bottles of UK Made E-Liquid

If you would like more information about the best ecigs even the stars are using check out the website and make the change today



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