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Lionel Richie,, All the hits, all night long


Havent dont a music review in a while so here goes, I was lucky enough to win 2 tickets to see Lionel Richie in concert at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Areno on Sat 7th March and as a lifelong fan of Lionel and the Commodores i was absolutely thrilled the tickets were front row so me and my partner found ourselves about 6 feet from the stage, ive never been a fan of seated gigs, but when lionel came on stage no one sat down for the next 2 hours of the set.

The tour is all night long all the hits and that is exactly what we got all the favourites from Hello, 3 times a lady, brick house, endless love, with no Diana Ross but that made no difference to the song as the audience loved it. Ive saw some people complain that he talked too much but i thought we had just the right amount of audiance particiapation and dialogue,
Despite his age Lionel still looks amazing and covered the stage and at one point stood in front of me and asked how i was? absolutely amazing at that point.
My partner who is younger than me was worried she would be the youngest there but there was whole range of age groups.
The musicians were amazing and very fit Deano especially on sax covered the stage and performed some amazing acrobatic feats. Im still awestruck on lionel and would dearly love to see him in concert again so hope this isnt the end of the rainbow.




Lastly not forgetting the support artist Larissa Eddie who hails from Brighton and will soon be enjoying more than support status at prestigious gigs, she has a stunning voice and is definitely a star to follow.



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