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4 x 4

last year i got the car id always dreamed id own a Land Rover Freelander always thinking they were to expensive for me to run, but the opportunity to buy a used one cheap from a mechanic friend appeared so i bought it.It was a T reg so quite old but had less than 100k on the clock, sadly it was a petrol model which to my expense i found out had a cylinder head problem and mine went just before xmas. Luckily i was at work that day cleaning at a farmhouse when the owners said you look stressed so i told them about the car and i was lucky that they were able to lend me a newly mot’d vauxhall astra.
I was waiting for some money coming in which i got the week before xmas so i was able to treat myself to a better 4.x 4 a Hyundai Santa Fe, with leather heated seats, working cd player always a bonus. and heaps of space for xmas shopping.

So far ive had the car almost 4 weeks its been back to the garage as i discovered a grinding problem which was the abs rings had corroded, thankfully under warranty but this has been the only problem im loving driving my Hyundai as its like me built for comfort not speed, and the last 2 days its been out in the snow and ice which it handled exceptionally well, Im glad im not a badge snob.
If your looking for a reliable cheap to run 4xr4 i cant recommend the Santa Fe highly enough unlike other 4×4 this is sweet on diesel im averaging 35-39 mpg around town.


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