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january 4th

January 4th 2015 We finally have our garden secured by fencing woohooo its only taken us 5 long yrs to afford it, after getting the garden half decent 2 yrs ago to have it trashed by the neighbours shed collapsing onto the fence that was already there and refusing to help pay for a new one. We have scrimped and scraped to get this far.

the new fence, finally

the new fence, finally

as you can see we now have a long straight garden for which i have plans in my head what im going to do with it this year to make it an interesting and relaxing space to enjoy, im currently in need of paving slabs,stones picket fencing as at the top where trees over the back hang its hard to plant anything so im going to make that into some sort of secret garden area and hide the hideous clothes line behind a arbour/archway, id also love a summerhouse where i can sit and relax and tend to some young seedlings and plants, and i also would love some raised beds for some fresh veg. most of the border areas are going to be easy to keep summer flowers maybe country cottage garden style with a mix of new and amid the mix i have to have my bird feeders and perhaps a new feeding station.
If there are any companies out there who can make my dream garden come true please get in touch, thanks for reading and watch this space.


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