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The Big Call

Have you ever thought about going self employed or earning big money working for yourself? Watch the video below it can help you to change your life. Giant Oaks come from little acorns and this is so true.

I have personally gone self employed in 2014  and its the best thing i ever done no more sitting in a call centre dreading the next angry customer instead when the phone rings it is generally someone wanting to use my services as a domestic cleaner/freelance photographer or writer I never thought i could achieve this but with just a bit of self belief i have done it. and it didnt cost a lot to start off as i already had the skills and equipment.


In the video Charlie Mullins ceo The Pimlico Plumber.  the name comes from his first office, in the video charlie describes how one phone call changed his life, just by wanting to follow in the footsteps of someone he looked up to. He followed in the footsteps of a local plumber  who gave him hes first break in the world of plumbing  as an apprentice and out of the blue one phone call from a local estate agent he took the  plunge into the world of self employment and plumbing, now The Pimlico Plumber employs over 200 staff, and have 160 vans on the road and averaging an annual turnover of 20Million pounds.

The business is still growing strong Charlie is enjoying a life of luxury as a child he could only dream about but with just that little bit of self belief, positive mental attitude, call it what you will, the will to succeed shines through everything he does, from arriving early to appointments to employing only the best handpicked employees. If you see a small window of opportunity go through it you never know what is on the other side and you can make a difference.


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