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to D.I.Y or not

Now everyones kids are back at school or college mine included everyones thoughts are now looking towards the fat man in the red suit, no doubt the chocolates will be on offer in the supermarkets this week after the last minute rush on uniforms as the shops prepare in readiness for the biggest holiday season of the year. Already the furniture stores are advertising on tv order now in time for christmas, which has got me thinking must be time to spruce up the house>>>again. I said earlier in the year after finishing my hall and stairs i was hanging up my paint brushes and only time the paste table was coming out would be for car boot sales, alas while sat watching said adverts i saw a lush red sofa and looking at out cream and brown corner suite got me thinking our lounge could do with sprucing up.

The wallpaper as much as i love it has been on almost 2 yrs and im beginning to find it drab and dreary, id love something bright  to liven up the winter evenings snuggled in front of the fire. The sofa as i mentioned is Cream and Brown corner unit and despite trying to move it around our lounge it ends up back in the same position it started in as its the only place it fits. id love the TV on the mantel wall with a setter and seperate chairs, the wood floor can stay as i really do like that especially with owning dogs, but new rugs would be a welcome addition.

twas my partners birthday yesterday so we went clothes shopping at Gateshead Metro Centre, and on the way home decided to nip into Ikea we love ikea we always want to move into their little homes they have made, or they can move in with us, we bought a couple of little things like tea light holders, and envied over the wardrobes and how much space they give and how light they are, ours at the moment are black, dustus gatherus wardrobes, functional but not ideal, basically the best we could afford at the time.

After Ikea we went for a browse around Team Valley Trading Estate and as we were walking past Scs we spotted a fab new sofa in the window the sofa is called Long Beach and comes in a variety of colours and seating arrangements but what we liked was the 2 seater recliner with the console in the middle, somewhere to keep the remotes for the tv etc safe and 2 drink holders,which in our small lounge would save having coffee tables everywhere. Our sofa at the moment is a large corner unit which is bulky and only fits in the one corner of the lounge so we feel squashed up ito one end of the lounge so we are hoping in the near future we can afford the new Long Beach as this 2 seater would fit in any area of our lounge so we could change it around more,


Buying this would mean saving for a couple of month as we would also need to redecorate our whole lounge but that is something that would be worthwhile doing.

If any companies would like to help us achieve our dream sooner please get in touch thanks


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