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little people


As i always seem to attract negative comments from people because i dont blog about children i thought id give this a try, as recently we have had our niece and nephew aged 8 & 5 on holiday for a week and then went to Clacton on Sea for the 2nd week and also looked after their 2 yr old sister too. As my 2 daughters are now 21 & 18 I thought id share with your our 2 weeks holiday, for the first week as i said we had the 2 eldest stay with us so we took them on days out first stop was to Beamish The Living Museum of the North , In theCounty Durham  not too far from where we live, we werent sure how they would react to going “back in time” and once we got there paid our way in, which if you visit regularly you can buy and annual pass and go as many times as you like with just a few exceptions to times, we bought one last August 2013 and have been 5 times so far as Beamish is always expanding and holding different events.

On the day we visited with Iliyda & Tamer the weather was warm and sunny which is always a bonus, the were a bit unfussed after walking through the entrance to what would await them so first stop-literally was the tram stop.


10542020_352986798187752_9192512364312382703_n 10361964_352987114854387_657074199507178201_n


So Off we went on an oldfashioned bus, first stop was the Pockerley WagonWay where we had a wander around some old buildings and anticipated a ride on a steam engine but it wasnt running at this time, so off we set again into the old town centre. Where fwe paid a visit to the Bakers shop, and the Confectioners for some old fashioned sweets, the kids loved this bit especially watching the sweets being made and sampling fresh honeycombe, you know the stuff in the middle of crunchies!


After visiting the various shops and homes in the town belonging to various professionals solicitors, dentists and teachers to name a few we had a picnic lunch on the village green, which surrounds a fab bandstand.


After lunch we took a short stroll to the main showfield where 2 excited children were expecting to find and array of amusements so they were a bit bemused when the only rides where The Gallopers a steam operated horse carousel, and some Shuggy Boats, both of which were a must try experience, Shuggy boats for those of you readers yonger than me are boat shaped swing rides that you operate by pulling a rope, My nephew found this bewildering as he asked why do you have to pay when you do all the work, which had us and the crowd around us laughing loudly.


We next took another bus ride up to Home Farm to see some animals, including sheep, pigs and horses and hens and to play on some old fashioned machinery 10561809_352990281520737_6522540184421700056_n.

We next walked down the hill to the old village which consists of a typical mining village with small terraced houses, a village hall, and a school, In the school they often do special activities and today as it was the Anniversary of the start of WW1 the children were encouraged to make poppies and plant them in the garden outside.

We managed to spend the whole day from 10 till 5.30 and where exhausted by the end of it but the kids managed to ask do we have to go home already? Who said there isnt much to see and do at Beamish, we will be back soon.




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