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Gift idea for animal lovers

if you struggling for a gift for an animal lover check out http://www.pawpost.co.uk where you can subscribe to recieve a box monthly either for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Idea for cat and dog owners each box comes with 5-7 quality items every month guaranteed to put a smile on the owners and the pets face.


What’s inside the box?

The team at PawPost is dedicated to finding the very best products for our deliveries, driven by our founders’ vision of a box that delights both pets and their owners, whilst saving our customers time and money.

We are all animal lovers, and PawPost has its very own four-legged team working behind the scenes, testing all the items we include in our boxes: organic and holistic treats, eco-friendly toys and accessories of the highest quality, and natural health and hygiene products. Furthermore, PawPost is devoted to supporting smaller, independent businesses which provide us with those purrrfect presents for our cats and dogs.

Last but certainly not least, we’re careful not to forget you, the owner. We make sure some of our time is dedicated to sourcing products and special offers to enrich your life too.

How it works

Once you’ve signed up, you will receive a box every month of five or more carefully selected items, including new and exciting toys and gadgets, tasty and natural treats, hygiene products, accessories and exclusive offers for both you and your pet.

Monthly subscription rates start at £18.95, and we deliver worldwide! PawPost boxes provide hours of fun, helping you to discover new brands, products and ideas, all while assisting you with the maintenance of your pets’ health and happiness.

If you’re excited to share the experience, we’ll give you special opportunities, discounts and offers when you send a gift to a friend!

What’s more, a share of our profits goes towards the Pup Aid campaign, supporting cats and dogs in need!


For more details click this link https://dailybrewreviews.wordpress.com/?ref=17


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