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City Calling

If youre in the unenviable position of looking for a new job or just a career change ive just came across a fab new website, for job seekers and employers alike, City Calling is a new job board that is in my opinion up against the likes of Monster and Universal Job match, which to me are overcrowded and often unclear how to apply.

It takes minutes to sign up and upload your cv, then you can search for jobs, I found the search very quick and accuarate and showed a lot of jobs i hadnt seen advertised elsewhere.

You can search by Town or Postcode and put in the distance how far you are willing to travel, salary expectations and age of adverts.

Overall the webiste is clear to understand, quick to load and a much needed refreshing change from other job boards ive had to take time to trawl through.

One of the bits i havent seen on any other jobsite is an option when you sign up to click on what are your 3 best personality traits ie.Analytical, Flexible or Goal Orientated and when you search for jobs you can see at a glance on the adverts what traits are best suited to the vacancies.

Definitely a Job Board I will be checking out more often. Give it a try and feel free to leave me your thoughts.






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