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Sponsor wanted for Brit Mums 2014

Brit mums live is the event all parents and bloggers wish to attend, and im no different. I read about it year after year and actually feel quite  envious of those lucky enough to attend, Its the place to be where bloggers and brands meet and share ideas and products, it also offers discussions and tutorials on how to become a better blogger.

Id love to attend but having only recently started working part time after 3 yrs of ill health and unemployment its something i just cant budget for this year,

If any company would like to sponsor me to attend in return i can offer.

  • I would love to develop an on-going relationship with a brand/business that can offer sponsorship and I’m open to negotiate what your brand will receive in return for sponsorship. Including the following:
      • Display your linked brand logo on my sidebar for the remainder of 2014.
      • Introduce your brand as my sponsor on Daily Brew Reviews. Share on Social Media networks including google + pinterest, facebook twitter and instagram.
      • Write more posts before and after the event.
      • Promote your brand through reviewing products and/or hosting a giveaway.
      • What am I looking for?

        I’m looking for a Brand to pay for my BritMums Live ticket – £95 and I would also need one night’s accommodation in a local hotel – £100. My Travelling costs would be £150. Total – £345

If applicable, at the event I would wear personalised clothes/badges displaying your brand logo and also have your logo on my car.

If your interested in sponsoring me  to attend Brit mums 2014, where i can be Your ears on the ground. please get in touch asap as tickets sell out really quickly,

  • I would love to build an ongoing relationship with the Brand involved and don’t see this as purely ‘my ticket’ to Brit Mums Live 2014 – blogging and building relationships with other bloggers and Brands is hugely important to me.
  • further details about the even can be found here http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/britmums-live-2014-tickets-7083251195#



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