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Redress Law

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When you employ a Solicitor to take care of your affairs or complex legal proceedings the last thing you expect is for things to go wrong, but sadly at times mistakes happen. We all expect Solicitors to be the experts but all to often errors are made or bad advice is given often resulting in not getting the longed for house you were planning on buying or worse still being out of pocket when you expected to have money coming to you.

Common areas for Solicitor Negligence include, property, injury,employment and matrimonial matters, although not exclusive to these but none the less its a bitter pill to swallow when the experts get it wrong.

Redress Law  can help you redress the balance when things go wrong with experience in all types of claims for solicitor negligence the friendly team are available to help you when you need them most, suing a solicitor for negligence.They understand  the impact poor legal advice can have on you and work closely in a transparent and supportive way.

Whether you have been given the wrong information  or been ill advised or divorce settlements gone wrong contact the friendly team at Redress Law..

Tel 0845 619 5862 to speak to a friendly advisor

or book a call back via the website.suing a solicitor for negligence.


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