If like me you thought eating healthy and tasty didnt go together then you need to try nakd, I was delighted when i recieved a box of Nakd   protein bars and snacks but being cynical and a lover of bland food, aka fussy i thought here we go this is going to be like eating mud. but im pleased to say i could not of been more wrong. The bars are full of flavour and good for you. As im on a diet anything which is tasty has to be carefully calculated into my daily allowance of calories. Nakd bars come in a wide range of flavours including caffe mocha, good old fashioned rhubarb & custard, cocoa orange, cashew cookie bar and ginger bread bar to name a few, the first i tried was the rhubarb and custard and what a pleasant surprise this was just opening the packet set my mind racing back to the sweets of old. the aroma was just like opening a sweety jar and the taste equisite, how do they do it?by Just raw fruits and nuts smooshed together. Containing 100% natural ingredients with no added sugars or syrups,  these bars are also wheat, dairy and gluten free, and bursting with yummy goodness. With a soft, chewy texture they fill you up till your next meal and most count towards 1 of your 5 a day too. Ideal for lunchboxes, grabbing on the go and refuelling between meals! and just 130 calories approx per bar a filling snack i can eat and enjoy. 28

If your a fan of fizzy drinks try the infused raisins, these did raise even my partners eyebrows Delicious, fruity raisins with a burst of flavour, from zingy lime to fizzy cola and sweet juicy cherry. These are a great alternative to sweets and because they’re made with all natural flavours and ingredients, make the perfect healthy snack.64 cals per bag Ideal for lunch boxes, satisfying a sweet tooth, and even baking and sprinkling. What’s more, they even count towards your five a day. These even hit my sweet tooth when im craving sweets a bag of these hit the spot. Just 68 cals per bag flavours include cola,cherry and lime infused raising for a juicy healthy low cal treat. these are now a staple must have where the biscuits used to be.

Nakd wholefoods are a young British company who specialise in making wholesome flavoursome snacks and bars with just natural ingredients for great taste. a typical cereal bar can contain up to 30 ingredients under different guises, 234

If you would like more information on nakd snacks check out the website and even order online for great value and delivery direct to your door. http://www.naturalbalancefoods.co.uk/


5 comments on “Nakd

  1. Haven’t had these bars..But if they are soft chewy in texture, then my better half will love it.

  2. oops silly me was too smitten with the flavour and forgot to add the texture they are soft and chewy i cant compare them to anything else as these are very individual but lovely x

  3. I love the raisins, the lime ones are fab. I like the bars when I am being healthy, some a bit strong though.

  4. Ooooh I haven’t tried these and am getting quite bad for snacking! Must give them a go!

  5. I have tried these before and some were lovely , they get stuck in my teeth though and some are quite sweet i think x

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