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Fluvel chi fish tank

Fluval Chi Fish Tank was so simple to set up my partner done it in a few minutes and it looks fab , The ambience it creates brings a feel of luxury to any room and the gently cascasding water is said to bring positive energy  and prosperity. You cant see in the pic but we have a male Siamese Fighting Fish in ours  as we wanted to keep it simple and clean  and this fish thrives well in most enviroments, The 19litre tank come with all accessories including water filter lighting gravel and plants. The top Light can have a cover on to keep the trickling water noise down or take it off to hear it and help aerate the tank.

IMG_0007The powerful Led lighting is a safe low voltage system, This aquarium is suitable for Coldwater fish, such as White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Neones Chinos and Rainbow Dace.

Stocking level – 1cm (excluding tail) for every 3L of water.

It is also suitable for temperate fish, such as Zebra Danios, Platys and Danios.

Stocking level – 1cm (excluding tail) for every 2L of water.

Easy to set up and maintain.

We love the glow of the lights on an evening and the gentle trickle is like sitting by a pond on a summers evening, for more information on the Fluval Chi RRP 59.99


check out the swell pets website at http://www.swelluk.com and see their full range of tanks aquariums and vivariums.



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