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The year ahead

first a pic of me i normally hate having photos taken but this one shows me on new years eve after losing 5 stone in weight last yr supported by my partner who lost a staggering 8 stone, all this was achieved by logging on My itness Pal no fad diets for us that we have tried previously and failed at. Our goal for this year is to take part for the first time ever in the race for life and also the colour run which is being held in sunderland, The race for life is in aid of the macmillan nurses appeal and know only too well the work they do so its a fab cause close to our hearts, The colour run has a festival atmospher and we would love to do it for charity if any charities would like us to run on their behalf please get in touch.

With the races in mind we need to get in shape we have lost the weight now need to do some training once the weather improves claire loves swimming and me the gym or cycling all of which costs a lot of money id love a new bike but alas something i cant afford so looks like we will be taking up jogging as its free.

I will keep you all updated on how we do, have a fab 2014  what ever your doing or aiming for.



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