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Switched On Products

Light Switch Timer 


As Christmas approaches how many people leave the house for longer periods visiting relatives or shopping but forget to leave a light on? Police reccomend leaving a light on to deter burglers, but if your like me you go out in daylight and forget that by the time you get home it will be pitch black or you leave a light on in daylight so its on when you come home but still this doesnt seem right. 

I was given the opportunity to review a new product from Switched on Products for a light switch timer. and what a fab find it is no more having to look for the light switch timer in the proverbial safe place and mess about plugging in a lamp with this fab new gadget it was set and ready to go in 3 simple steps. 



I must admit i found programming the switch a tad fiddly at first but think that was more due to my cold fingers than anything else as the instructions were clear and straightforward. Ive been testing the light switch timer for a few weeks now and its never let me down. Its set for 4.pm and it comes on every night at the same time whether im in or out or forgotten about it, Battery operated so no need to worry about running up the electricity bill, and can be fitted in seconds by anyone handy with a screwdriver, 

Would I reccomend the product to anyone thats a resounding yes. More information about Switched On products can be found by clicking the link and purchase is online at http://lightswitchtimer.co.uk/ and for the price of £27.99 +p &p peace of mind is assured.


The Light switch timer has now been formally accredited by the Police.  (More details coming imminently.)


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