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Plant Care and Propagation

Plant Care and Propegation
your idea of winter gardening is to open the curtains on a morning and groan, then perhaps you need a little inspiration on what you can be doing outside once winter arrives. This could be Lawn care, plant care and propegation or soil and compost, just because winter arrives doesnt meant the garden needs less looking after.

Winter Garden Care

Plant Care and Propegation

There is a whole host of shrubs pland and grasses that can be
planted now in winter for an abundance of colou next year.
Now is the ideal time for planting Tulips everyones favourite
spring flower. These are planted later than most other bulbs, ideally in November to avoid tulip fire disease as this is most
active in Autumnand causes brown leaf spot and distorted flowers.

Tulips offer a wide selection of colours, flower shapes and stem heights, as well as early, mid and late flowering varieties, making them the most versatile spring bulb.

They can be set out to fill whole beds, set in clusters under and around larger plants, or you can set them among lower growing pansies, primroses and other spring bedding plants to double up on colour and impact come the spring. Plant a mixture of early and late flowering varieties to extend the colour in your displays – as one finishes, another will take over.

While vibrant, they aren’t the longest lived of summer bulbs and will start to dwindle in their third year or fourth year. As such, it’s best to lift bulbs in late after planting and replace with fresh bulbs each November.

This temporary use lends itself to container growing and tulips perform particularly well in pots. It also means they can be kept out of site until growth appears in spring, then brought out as patio focal points or gap fillers in beds and borders before summer plants start to emerge.

Westland Bulb Compost provides the ideal growing conditions in pots, offering a balance of organic matter, plant food and trace elements to meet bulb needs and includes added grit for free drainage, preventing bulbs getting too wet over winter.
So whether you want inspiration or planting ideas or wish to give the garden some aftercare for providing you with a wonderful crop of colour and or fresh fruit and veg, there is something you can be doing all year round.

If you would like more hints and tips or have a query check out Garden Health Homecare
at www.http://www.gardenhealth.com


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