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Bar Keeper Friend. since 1882

If you planning on a pre xmas clean up in your home, ive just discovered some awesome cleaning products, Bar Keepers Friend stain remover is a new product to the UK but has been in use in the USA since 1882, but this year its been joined by Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray and Power Clean.

And unlike other bleach based cleaning products Bar Keepers contains Oxalic Acid, which is a natural acid found in rhubarb, and the power of Oxalic Acid/rhubarb is fab stuff if you have ever had your sunday dinner burnt in your pans and they become black and ready for the bin. dont throw them out boil a couple of sticks of rhubarb and see them come up like new. (a trick i learnt the hard way from my mother).

So i was thrilled to be asked to review Bar Keepers as i hate using bleaches and chemicals, but the Bar Keepers cuts through dirt grease and grime,on any surface be it stainless steel, ceramic, copper, brass or chrome. 

It can be used all over the house its so versatile, i used the power clean on our bathroom tiles which fill me with dread as they are white-ish and smeary, Now they are white and shiny, i just sprayed them with BKF rubbed over with a cloth and sprayed them with clean water and now i have streak free shiny tiles again.


Bar Keepers Friend is available to purchase online and from most good Retailers. Dont settle for harmful amonia based products that do half a job, pick up Bar Keepers Friend and get a good job done in half the time.




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