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Who would you most like to interview?

Im creating this post  as part of a competition run by http://www.totaljobs.com/insidejob/jobacademy/ and the question is who would i most like to interview? thats a tricky one as there is lots of people id love to interview from Alan Carr to Claire Baldingto  Henry VIII, to Margaret Thatcher to Neil Kinnock lots out there i look up to and enjoy watching in their daily jobs and lots i personally feel has a lot to answer for. So I think id interview would be someone very private, and definitely reclusive step forward Lord Lucan. 

For those who dont know Lord Lucan was born Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan on the 18th December 1934, born a peer and accused of murder Lord Lucan disappeared in a veil of mystery on 8th November 1974, 

My first question would be you stand accused of murder are you guilty or not guilty of the murder of Sandra Rivett your childrens nanny? and did you have an accomplice?

  • .Did you think you could avoid the law forever?
  • .Where have you been hiding and if with anyone who with?
  • .How did you murder the nanny and what with.
  • .Given the circumstances would you go on the run again?
  • Are you still a gambling man?
  • Have you amassed a fortune in winnings?
  • If you took the role of James Bond as was rumoured would you of liked it shaken or stirred?
  • Your getaway car was a Ford Corsair, what car would you like to drive today?
  • If you were found not guilty what would you like to be doing today in your work/personal life.
  • these are just a few of the questions i would like to ask Lord Lucan although presumed dead I have always been fascinated by his disappearence and would love to know where hes been hiding if he is still alive.
  • Your old home is still standing would you like to go back there or are you affluent enough to buy the full street.
  • My final question would be are you pleased you have been found and can clear up a mystery that has spanned decades?

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