Gigaset C620A- Make nuisance calls a thing of the past.

I was lucky enough to recieve a New house phone from the lovely people at Gigaset the C620A, If like me you are plagued with nuisance phone calls offering to reclaim PPI or cold callers this phone is a must have. Launched in John Lewis & Amazon in Sept 2013 the phone with state of the art technology allows you to block unwanted calls by recognising silent calls ie calls from a dialler system when you pick it up all you here is backgrond noise and no one there.


For those plagued with nuisance calls, Gigaset’s innovative new C620A cordless telephone is the perfect solution, with its new state of the art technology which blocks and manages unwanted calls, to let users enjoy quality conversations.




Launching in John Lewis and Amazon from 1st September, priced at £59.99 and following high demand from customers, the stylish C620A has been created to help in the fight against Britain’s nuisance call pandemic.




The C620A uses the latest blacklisting technology to block up to 15 numbers and silence anonymous calls at the touch of a button, meaning nuisance callers will hear the engaged tone and unwelcome calls won’t be connected. The handset also mutes withheld numbers and prevents them from causing unnecessary disruption.




In addition, the C620A has a timer controlled silencing feature to cut down on interruptions when working or relaxing at home. The phone can be set to silence calls during specific times of the day, with only selected, pre-programmed VIP callers able to ring through during these times.




The award winning C620A is a high quality handset with a full colour, 1.8 inch display and long standby times, giving up to 26 hours of talk time to enable the user to enjoy talking for longer with friends and family.




The C620A also helps to reduce energy consumption, utilising Gigaset’s unique ECO DECT technology to switch off radio wave transmission when the handset is charging in its base. This feature means 60 per cent of energy is saved by using low-energy switched mode power supply units.




The C620A also has a useful baby monitor function, accessible via a dedicated shortcut key on the handset – ideal for grandparents or households with young visitors.




Other features include:


* 55 minutes of answer machine recording time


* Hands free option


* Phonebook of up to 250 entries for friends and family


* Missed call list showing up to 20 missed calls






Size: 155.5 x 49 x 330mm


Single: £59.99, also available in duo and trio options




The C620A is available to buy from John Lewis and Amazon starting from 1st September 2013.





Sleek phone,

Sleek phone,

The box once opened looked like it was going to be complicated to set up and operate but i was wrong the instructions were lovely and clear so i had no problem following them and setting up the phone. The handset and base unit with built in answer machine are matt black with shiny silver trim.  Within minutes i had set the phone up and waiting for the next anonymous call that never came. Before this phone i was plagued from 8am till 9pm with cold callers, silent calls and withheld numbers, so much so that i rarely answered the landline unless i was expecting and important call, now i dont dread the phone ringing as i know the phone will deal with them for me.

The cordless handset feels comfortable to hold and fits nicely in your hand the numbers are easy enough to see even without my glasses on and the icons make it easy to set up. The sound quality is amazing no crackles on the line just crystal clear sound.


Gigaset have 160 yrs in the telecoms industry making it a brand you can trust, their cordless and corded range of phones have won multiple awards and at a fab price, the C620A is a great investment.


For full details of all phone models available from Gigaset, please visit: http://www.gigaset.com/uk


3 comments on “Gigaset C620A- Make nuisance calls a thing of the past.

  1. this looks and sounds really good i i really need a phone that will stop me having to deal with all those spam calls.

  2. I would love one of these! Those silent calls drive me crazy! And it looks really sleek and modern too! I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award, then completely forgot to tell you! http://theparentgame.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

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