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Stocking filler idea

If your looking for stocking fillers for girls or boys men or women, what about a pen or pencil, everyone needs them and how many times when your on the phone do you think i will write that down but cant find a pen that works.. Check out http://www.thepencompany.com they have a huge selection of pens to suit every budget.

I was sent three from the Tombow range, Tombow are a Japanese company synonymous with designer writing since 1913.The pens i was sent to try were the Tombow  Olno, the Air press and Reporter compact, These 3 being from the smallest end of the budget but provide hight quality writing  wherever you are.

The Olno A range of mechanical pencils with a clever ‘body bend’ mechanism with brightly coloured translucent barrels and large contrasting rubberised grip section. sell for just £4.99

The Air Press sells for just £4.08 and is a great pen that works upside down and on wet paper, I think our posty will appreciate this as he is always struggling to write out wet we left a card for a parcel. aka come n get it card.

The Reporter Compact sells for just £2.44 is a 4 couloured pen that comes in a range of colours so ideal for anyone who likes writing.

All these and much more can be found online at http://www.thepencompany.com

quality pens for every budget.

quality pens for every budget.


One comment on “Stocking filler idea

  1. I have a seven year old who LOVES stationary – thank you for sharing!

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