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Dulux The Cool Paint Company

Dulux The Cool Paint Company

Would you eat this? The guys at Dulux have been feeling the heat and thought they would experiment with freezing colours, this is an industry first and are after hours of trials and experiments by the companys in house technicians. I personally love it and want a print.
In this first project the paint brand has collaborated with interiors stylist, Emily Blunden, and photographer Simon Bevan, who worked with Dulux in-house technicians to create the series of retro ice cream parlour scenes and still life settings, Bright and bold colours selected from the Collective Passion palette to receive the deep freeze treatment included Rock Candy 2, Bermuda Cocktail 2 and Bongo Jazz 1. To create her Victoriana inspired lolly-pop shots and rustic ice-cream bowl still life, Blunden selected soft, muted tones Timeless Classics and earthy, rich shades of Authentic Origins – additional paint ranges from Dulux, contrasting with the fluro hues of the latest trend palette.

Marianne Shillingford, Dulux Creative Director, says of the collaboration: “Our aim for Dulux Lab was to produce a series of shots which really encourage us to engage with colour in a completely different way.

“By taking some of our newest palettes and classic ranges and pushing the boundaries of how they’re presented, we’ve been able to open up the creative field and, in doing so, hopefully challenge the way people see and connect with colour.”
For all press enquiries including further details of the Dulux Lab and / or comments, please call the Dulux team on 020 3128 6600 or email dulux@mischiefpr.com.


One comment on “Dulux The Cool Paint Company

  1. I use Dulux paints all the time and i’m pleased to see all new exciting ideas that come along.
    Power to them, …Steve Jones

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