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Aroma Home from Elinens

Screen Wipe

When I was asked by the fab people at Elinens if id like to review their line of screen wipes from aromahome.co.uk i had no hesitation but to say yes, as an animal lover these are fab for me they come in a range of animals featuring meerkats 😉  duck, elephant, panda,bulldog and pink rabbit, each with the delicate scent of lemon  and a chamois tummy these are fab for cleaning screens on pc’s laptops and ipads etc even the tv, but as they are cute they are great for kids to help keep  things clean as they wont want to put them down,(not for under 3’s) the chamois tummy as well as cleaning helps to reduce static on monitors screens and lcd’s

When dirty they can be easily cleaned with a warm hand wash and left to dry. All are biodegradable so when past their use (which hopefully wont be for a while) they can go with the normal household waste safe in the knowledge they wont damage the enviroment. .

The prices are very competitive the meerkat i recieved is just £8.97 prices vary and sometimes feature fab special offers on the ellinens website.http://www.elinens.co.uk/

where you can find further details



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