Welcome to Daily Brew Reviews 2013 i admit ive been a bit lax lately in not updating my blog, but thats because ive got cabin fever and have been concentrating on my other hobby of comping, but 2013 is 4 months in the fine weather is on its way hopefully and i hope to spend plenty of time in the garden, as the house is now decorated to how we like it id love to review gardening products tool and accessories.

Our garden is approx 80foot long by 30 wide slopes uphill and at some point had a fish pond that was later filled in with bricks and rubble, ;-( its a challenge i dont look forward to but at the moment the grass is mown and it looks half decent but what id really like is a garden to be proud of.


2 comments on “2013

  1. I am challenging you to a garden war lol x

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