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Decorate and put the romance back in your life

Decorate. if you want the romance back

Research has shown that if you want to put the romance back into your boudoir, decorate.

A newly re-decorated bedroom gives the same emotional buzz as a lingering and passionate kiss with an exceptional kisser, scientists have found.
The neurological study, commissioned by leading paint brand Dulux and conducted by the Mindlab International Laboratory (at Sussex University), measured the immediate emotional impact of a range of mood enhancing experiences from having sex to driving a fast car by monitoring the heart rates and skin moisture of participants * to gauge physiological arousal.
Sex topped the list, providing the biggest emotional high for both men and women, with a short break in the sun and spending time with family following closely.
A newly decorated bedroom stirred the same emotional fireworks as an intimate and passionate exchange, in joint fourth position, and gave the volunteers a bigger boost than the perfect night out with friends, shopping for new clothes at the finest shops, thrill-seeking such as driving a fast car and riding a rollercoaster and even watching their football teams win a game.
And men make a note although the ladies love chocolate a newly decorated boudoir gives them an even bigger kick.
I can happily vouch for the above too after living in a half decorated bedroom for 2 yrs, when i finally re-done it all the thrill of wanting to spend more time in the bedroom is fab, and not just for watching tv either.
And if your really want to spice up your life, go for Red. Dulux have a range of reds available from all good Diy and decorating centres and the paint is fab quality and lasts much longer than cheaper brands.
So if you would like the boudoir look check out the Dulux app to help you choose the best colours for your room.

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