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Ecocamel® Shower Heads.

What  throws  more water at you than a 2 humped camel with a leak? read on for the answer

Its the Ecocamel range of shower heads of course.  Like most my shower had a boring plastic shower head that miseley sprayed you. I was always dreaming one day id own a power shower but alas it never happened and now thanks to ecocamel I can stop dreaming. well you know what they say little things and little minds.

I now have an ecocamel Jetstorm E in my shower and i love it.The Jetstorm range of showerheads where first featured on Tv.Can save an average family of 4 50thousand litres of water a day so its good for your purse and the enviroment. The ecocamel was simple to fit just unscrewed the old shower head and screwed the new one in place. The shower head works by water passing through an injet valve which forces air into the water stream which increases the flow of water through the shower head giving an all over refreshing and invigorating shower.

The Ecocamel reduces –

water consumption-heating energy-lower carbon emissions.

tests show the ecocamel uses just 7 Litres of water per minute compared to conventional showers that use 15 litres per minute

gives a spa style shower experience. as quoted from http://www.ecocamel.com

I found the ecocamel to be as good if not better than much costlier “power” showers not only does it provide a great spray it is also quiet to run no additional noises.

It also has a fast drain hole at the bottom of the shower head so no water is left in the head to stagnate.

Available in 2 designs jetstorm and jetstorm E for electric showers in graphite or blue and prices at £49.95 for the Jetstorm and and the E its well worth the initial outlay for the luxury spray but combined with the annual savings not only on your pocket but also the enviroment in these delicate times it can only be a good thing.


Ive always favoured showers over baths but now i love having a shower as do all the family I would never of thought a change in shower head could change the shower as much.

Further details can be found here-http://www.ecocamel.com









One comment on “Ecocamel® Shower Heads.

  1. Hi – thanks for reviewing our product – could you possibly add the code behind the links so people can click straight through to our website?

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