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MU Cheese.

Turn meal times into MU-times with exciting new MU cheese!

Mu is a brand new fun and tasty cheddar cheese designed to have kids asking for more it is availabe in handy ready grated. sliced or traditional blocks in a re-sealable unmistakable packet.

First impressions I love the packaging black & white cow patterned kids will love it I did with a different colur trim for different varieties and tastes.

The first one i tried was the mature cheddar as a self confessed cheese-a-holic i love whole full flavoured cheeses and this didnt disappoint.  A nice smooth white cheddar but full of flavour without any bitterness. Ideal as a snack on crackers this is fab for cooking with great as welsh rarebit or in pastries and easily as versatile as Red Leicester. Sliced easily from the block no messy crumbs just smooth slices and love creamy texture.

Next i tried the mature lighter cheddar same great taste and texture as the full fat version with 30% less fat- unfortunately I did feel this had a bit of a strange “processed” taste to it but my partner didnt agree with me.

Mu’s great packaging will want to get the kids involved in the kitchen get them into cooking by using ready to roll pastry roll out add a slice of Mus then roll up to make great tasting cheese straws. Or microwave jacket potatoes and add ready grated Mu for a great tasting filling.

Mu is available in 6 exciting varieties from Tesco at the great introductory price of £2.00  instead of £2.49 for a 350gm block. Other varieties will be available soon including MU Mild Cheddar, MU Medium Cheddar, MU Mature Cheddar, MU Lighter Mature Cheese, MU Mature Grated Cheddar, MU Mature Sliced Cheddar.

As this is a new cheese the website http://www.mucheese.com is still under construction but can be found on facebook  here http://www.facebook.com/pages/MU-Cheese/266438016730505?sk=wall

Each slice, shaving and curl of MU has been exclusively sourced from the UK and Ireland, from well fed cows to fully ensure a delicious taste that will soon have your family moo-ing for more




One comment on “MU Cheese.

  1. Great review Sue, I think I’ll be trying this with my kids!

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