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Dettol Healthy Touch- No Touch Hand Wash

In a busy household with 4 dogs and a recent litter of 6 pups from the rescue dog, this gadget has become and essential part of every day life. I confess i have a bit of an OCD when it comes to clean hands.

The Detto Healthy Touch-the name itself is a misnoma as you dont need to touch it to get the creamy handwash out, it is fitter with a sensor so automatically dispenses when you put your hand under it.

The Grey and black unit can sit neatly by the side of your sink or on the windowsill, the sensor is keyhole shaped and it has a very useful veiwing pane so you can monitor the amount left in the bottle easily.

The Healty Touch is easy to use simply switch the unit off at the back press the arrowed button and the refill pops up simply pop another bottle in place and switch back on and its  ready to use.

At first i was a bit sceptical about  the sensor and how good it would be, but this was soon quashed as i kept forgetting about it at the side of the sink and every time i accidently put my hands close to it i ended up with handwash on the work tops. So now it sits happily on the window sill waiting patiently.

The handwash itself is a nice creamy colour and is very pleasantly scented-not clinical. and contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E with moisturizers, which work really well together as my hands since using the Healthy Touch have gone from very dry to nice and smooth, as its made by Dettol it also kills 99.9% of bacteria.

Ive been using the Dettol Easy Touch for approx 4 weeks now and im still only three quarters of the way through the bottle

To sum up the Dettol Easy Touch, its easy to set up and use, very reliable and the equally measured “shots” mean its exceptional value for money and one gadget that will firmly remain in our household.

The Easy Touch is available online from Amazon and most good supermarkets and stores in the following scents-Grapefruit, Tea and Ginger, and cucumber splash. prices vary and at first may seem expensive, but included 4 aa batteries, and because of the careful measuring system it makes very good value for money.

more details can be found here.. http://dettol.co.uk/whats-new.php



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