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Cherry Blossom Modern Shoecare & Accessories from the Past Masters

In these days of throw away culture that we have become its great to see some old favourites still out there to keep things looking nice and last longer. I was pleasantly surprised when i was asked if id like to review Cherry Blossom  shoe shining products.  These have been around since 1906. Cherry Blossom is a brand i grew up with father being ex military he had an ocd for shiny shoes, as a child I remember every Sunday evening out would come his shoe shine kit and all our shoes would be polished for the week ahead.

So now Autumn is upon us i decided time to get out the boots and give them a really good clean as they have been gathering dust in the wardrobe over the summer months. First product i tried was the Universal Cleaner this virtually odourless foam simply sprays on rub it into the leather  with a soft brush or cloth and leave for 10 seconds then polish off, boots were looking fab but I didnt leave it there I wanted them to sparkle like they would of done as a kid so i took out the Cherry Blossom Black Shoe Polish in its easy to open tin, just press where it says and the lid flicks up, the next thing to hit you is the smell reminiscent of those childhood Sundays, simply wipe some on with a soft cloth then polish off with a soft brush for shoes a sergeant major would be proud of. I will now continue a regime of having shoes clean and ready for the week ahead using my shoe shine kit.

Other products available in the Cherry Blossom range are. Universal Cleaner, Dubbin, Wax, Whitening polish and other products which can be found in the premium range available from good shoe shops, supermarkets and online.

Details of all Cherry Blossom products can be found at WWW.CHERRYBLOSSOM.CO.UK



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