NEURO DRINKS- drink smart, drink neuro

Which Neuro do you need?

You’ve got a 24/7 lifestyle — you need a 24/7 drink. Luckily, there’s a Neuro® for every mood and occasion. Tell us what you need right now, and we’ll recommend the right Neuro® for you.

I was s very happy to recieve five cases of New Neuro drinks to review the drink the makers say is a drink for every mood or occasion. I was sent

  • Neuro Bliss, mood enhancement a natural herbal drink formulated to reduce stress and restore happiness. slightly carbonated
  • Neuro Trim, Herbal extract drik containing the only firber clinically proven to aid weight loss-LuraLean. Non carbonated
  • Neuro Sonic, Vitamin & Herbal extract drink made to provide energy for the mind. Carbonated.
  • Neuro Sport, provides rehydration enhancement. replaces key electrolytes and minerals lost during exercise, Non Carbonated &

Neuro Sun, a new drink for 2011 this contains Vitamin D, also known as the Sunshine Vitamin which has incredible benefits to your health as it protects the immune system, increases bone, heart and muscle health. naturally enhances moods, and provides raw materials for the brain to function more effectively.

Although at the moment im still trying the drinks i have tried them all. I especially like the Neuro Trim they all taste nice and very refreshing and unlike other sugary drinks that leave you feeling thirstier Neuro doesnt i found them all refreshing.

The Neuro bliss tho i cant prove it, has possibly helped reduce the stress created by having a houseful of puppies at the moment.

All these drinks contain just 37 calories per 430ml bottle, and are now firm favourites with the stars and rates Elton John and David Furnish amongst its fans..

At the moment Neuro drinks arent readily available at many stores they can be bought online at http://www.drinkneuro.co.uk  where you can also find more information on what Neuro can do for you.


2 comments on “NEURO DRINKS- drink smart, drink neuro

  1. I love my Neuro!!! I am trying to lose weight so I drink the slim, love the sun, awesome, amazing taste! And I like the Bliss just wish it was not carbonated..not fond of that part……I would love to try the AQUA and the others but Iam lucky I find these all the time in Walgreens. It is the only place I have found them in southern NJ…….
    When you wan a taste of something besides water without a lot of calories here is your DRINK!

  2. I have tried the neuro smart. Taste like a vitamin drink. However I tried it on my lunch break during a very stressful day at work and I must say I felt great!

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