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Amys Kitchen- A new healthy frozen food

When I was asked to review Amy’s Kitchen a new range of frozen food to the UK market i was a bit sceptical, not being over keen on mass produced frozen foods. I usually find them watery, insipid, uninspiring and tasteless.

Amy’s Kitchen is a new product and being such at the moment its hard to find our local asda only had 2 lines which was very dissapointing as this was from a range of 32 meals.  The Frozen Bean & Rice Burrito and Frozen Rice and Macaroni Cheese so the only one that appealed was the latter and as im not the greatest pasta lover so  i left this to my partner to sample. Her  verdict was  a generous amount, lovely thick creamy sauce with the macaroni not tasting like rubber,  overall the meal was very filling and enjoyable and is on the list of must try more products as they become available.My  partner followed the instructions on the packet and it cooked easily in the microwave but was finished under the grill to give it a crisper topping.

The Amys Kitchen products intially launching in the Uk are Soups, Vegetable Lasagne,Macaroni cheese and Burritos and will be available in Asda and Sainsburys.

  • Amy’s Kitchen was launched by husband and wife team Andy and Rachel Berliner in 1987 after the birth of their newborn daughter Amy.
  • Andy and Rachel are committed vegetarians which is very much at the heart of Amy’s Kitchen
  • The concept behind Amy’s Kitchen was to create delicious and convenient vegetarian meals that can be enjoyed by everyone
  • Amy’s Kitchen began as a small family business in a converted barn on a ranch in Sonoma County, California.
  • In the States, Amy’s Kitchen has turnover of nearly 300 million dollars and is the industry leader in their product categories.
  • Amy’s kitchen primarily consists of frozen meals and tinned soups.
  • The Amy’s Kitchen range consists of over 170 natural and organic products in the United States.
  • A USP for Amy’s kitchen is many of the products in the range are gluten–free, dairy-free, vegan or low fat without compromising on quality or taste.
  • All products in the range also come from family/friends inspired recipes often handed down through the generations
  • All the products are mostly made by hand so they are prepared as traditional home-made meals
  • All of Amy’s frozen products are microwavable and for the oven and come in a single serve portion
  • Andy and Rachel still approve every recipe and taste product regularly.
  • In the United States, the Amy’s Kitchen extensive range includes a vast selection of frozen meals including Indian, Italian, Asian, Mexican meals and burritos, lasagne and entrees, pizzas and pot pies to name just a few, as well as a grocery line which includes canned soups, pasta sauces and salsa.
  • The Amy’s Kitchen products initially launching in the UK will be the Soups, Vegetable Lasagne, Macaroni Cheese and Burritos, all of which are Gluten Free
  • The three strong lines (above) will be launching in the new (UK) packaging which reflects the core values of the brand.  Rachel was very involved in the re-design to ensure she and the family remain at the heart of the communication.  Personal handwriting, family photographs and the use of family items such as materials and table cloths have been included on pack.
  • We look forward to trying more of the products as they become available as they are reasonably priced the Macaroni was £2.39 and was a filling, healthy meal so makes good value for money.
  • More details on Amys Kitchen can be found on the website http://www.amys.com/

One comment on “Amys Kitchen- A new healthy frozen food

  1. ooooo that mac & cheese looks yummy, might have to try it, thanks for posting, I hadn’t come across this company before 😉

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