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Starletto’s Caring for your stilettos.

Whats rubber, extremely lightweight and can save you a small fortune on shoes and shoe repairs?


Star-lettos are an incredible accessory for Stilettos and boots with heels they are small but perfectly formed..

Originally made in Australia but now available in the UK . Starlettos simply slip on your heels and are easily removed and popped into the neat little pouch they come supplied with when not needed. Starlettos also come in 4 different colours, Crystal, Rouge. Noir(black) and Sparkle.

I find these a great little item especially if like me you’ve been out walking and got your heel caught between the pavements ending in a scuffed or worse still a broken heel ruining a night out. Starlettos

Stop your heels sinking in the grass
Take to the dance floor with Starlettos clever non-slip base
Avoid ruining expensive shoes after just one outdoor event
Relax, there’s no need for hazardous ‘tippy-toe’ walking anymore.

More information on Starlettos can be found on their website http://www.starlettos.com.au/ along with UK and international stockists

I just dont know why we havent invented these years ago.


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