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Elias Super Wipes.

Have you ever been for a meal in a best white shirt or blouse and managed to miss your mouth and get red wine or gravy or some other hard to remove stainer down it? then i have an answer for you New Elias Super Wipes “first aid for removal of fo0d and drink stains” as stated on the packet.

A great little life/clothes saver also useful if you have little ones we all know what mess they can get in with food and drinks. These new Super Wipes from Elias Products Ltd come in a nice handbag/pocket sized packet of 5 wipes so just the job for those “just in case” scenarios. I tried super wipes on a cotton tee-shirt which i spilt coffee on and watched in amazement as the stain disappeared. Easy to use just open the packet remove a cloth wipe in a circular motion and watch the stain go.

Before use though check the clothing isn’t labelled as “DO NOT BLEACH”  as the wipes contain an oxygen based bleaching agent, they also carry a precaution to avoid contact with the eyes as do most cleaning agents but as an emergency stain remover these are highly recomended by myself, though for harder to remove stains you may need to repeat the process.

Super wipes arent widely available in the shops yet but can be bought online at http://www.eliassuperwipes.co.uk and offer great value for money.

1 pack of 5 wipes £2.49  excl p&p



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