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EcoForce & Dishmatic

No one ever said washing up was fun, sexy, or enjoyable, more like drudgery, a chore and hated by most so anything that makes washing-up easier/simpler/less messy has got to be a good thing. I was a bit sceptical when i was asked to review items for the very purpose, but the first item I tried is the new Dishmatic described as a washing up sponge-scourer on a brush call it what you want I call it a god-send something so simple has been missing from my life for so long after almost a week we dont know how we managed without one.

The “brush” handle is filled with washing up liquid then clean. simplicity itself but the results are fab.

This is fab for pots and pans greasy baking trays and grill pans no scrubbing with scourers and having greasy hands for hours after, the Dishmatic does all the hardwork.

Made by Easy Do in the UK all products are designed to make home life easier and this certainly excels,  the angled handle gets into the most awkward nooks and crannies,even the cap is integrated into the handle so no more lost caps, the sponges are changeable so once worn out you only need to buy a refill which come in a variety of shapes and sizes mostly made as with all Easy Do products from recyclable materials.

The packaging is also simple and recyclable so very good to the enviroment and your hands.

Dishmatic can be bought at most good supermarkets and online at http://www.caraselledirect.com  £1.75 for the washing up brush and refills  from £2.99 a pack of 2.

Further information on Dishmatic and other Easy Do products can be found at their website http://www.dishmatic.com/index.html


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